Obamacare is Socialism

Obamacare is Socialism

The general philosophy of socialism is to take from the rich and give to the poor, to spread the wealth. That seems to fit the Obamacare bill very well: young people will be paying more for older people; healthy people will be paying more for sick people.

While it’s good for the soul to help others in need, this magnanimous gesture need not cross the border into sacrifice of one’s own survival – especially if it is enforced and beyond one’s consent.

With more and more businesses contracting by cutting down their employee’s hours because they can’t afford the suddenly exorbitant costs of providing them with the new healthcare, how does this help the general welfare of the nation? Meaning the true definition of welfare, not the government definition associated strictly with the indigent or disabled.

However, this latter definition is being tacked onto more and more able people who are healthy and willing to work, by inflicting them with the need to buy food stamps, for example, in order to survive. Or losing their jobs and being on unemployment or welfare for endless periods. This not only cuts down on their financial survival, but forces them into a lifestyle of uselessness, unproductiveness and general lack of confidence and well-being.

It certainly cuts down on the ability to create a future. Believe it or not, we do cause our own futures by fashioning them in our hearts and minds. Unfortunately, these goals get some heavy competition in the form of a government that forces their futures onto its people.

Health care is a personal choice; it stems from the very fact that our bodies belong to us, not the state or the government. While some people choose to destroy themselves, however quickly or slowly, that is still not the province of the government to handle.

Furthermore, the government’s solutions to restore mental or physical health do not always result in restoring them, but, more often, quite the reverse. That can be interpreted as an understatement.

Taking that even further along the pendulum that runs from freedom to oppression, there is a great deal of assumption that more and more people are mentally ill. Witness the rising statistics of people taking psychiatric drugs. Even the concept that one might have a tendency toward mental disturbance is being utilized in order to prescribe some drugs that add to the drug company’s coffers.

The Mothers Act, for instance, which died in Congress, is now alive and well in Obamacare. This basically enforces psychiatric drugs on pregnant women, killing two birds with one stone. Pun intended. A baby born with a psychiatric drug in its system is no better off than one born with an addictive street drug, not to mention destroying the mother’s life as well. Was the baby given the drug because it might in the future be mentally ill?

Meanwhile, there is much more provisions in Obamacare to take care of the mentally ill. The number one handling for mental illness is psychiatric drugs. Put those two things together and see what the future holds. Besides socialism, what looms ahead is a crippled society – mentally, physically and spiritually.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is now 1000 pages long and growing, with new forms of mental illness being added all the time. For example, there’s one called avoidant/ restrictive food intake disorder, or ARFID. It simply means you avoid certain foods. Who doesn’t? However, that is now classified as a mental problem. Of course, there’s a drug to take care of that, if you don’t mind the long list of side effects.

Reading through the list of mental disorders, one would be challenged to come out if it feeling normal. No child (or adult) left behind – there’s a mental illness provided for just about everyone. No need to feel neglected.

And what is a normal state? Is it someone who peacefully allows his rights to be taken away and makes no trouble? If a mother has to fight the police and refuse to allow her child to take a drug – actual occurance – has her normal status been cancelled?

All these are signs people are being forcibly moved away from their native self-determinism. According to the Constitution, citizens have rights, not privileges. That certainly includes healthcare and our right to choose what kind of healthcare we want and which insurance plan or company we decide is best. We cannot be fined (punished, that is) for rejecting government healthcare or any other, not even if we don’t want healthcare at all. It’s our choice; our right.

According to Dr.Manny Alvarez in a Fox News article:

The costs associated with this new law have been grossly underestimated. Recent data clearly shows that there will be major increases in insurance premiums in multiple state markets, not to mention the additional costs that will adversely affect the medical industry, small business owners and unions.

This clearly reflects one of the points from the Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx, which says there should be a heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

Obamacare is simply one, via to install socialism in this country; it is, in effect, just another form of communism or, to express its essence, contains the same oppression.


Written by Lucille Femine

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  1. Paul Roy   October 5, 2013 at 7:51 am

    Excellent analysis Lucille!

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