OMG Bigfoot is Real? New Study Proves ‘Sasquatch DNA’

OMG Bigfoot is Real? New Study Releases ‘Sasquatch DNA’
A group calling itself the Bigfoot Genome Project has released details of a five year long study that they say proves the existence of Bigfoot. Lead researcher Dr. Melba Ketchum says that after five years of intensive study, scientists have found DNA evidence of Bigfoot’s existence. She says the study is not to be taken lightly. “We want people to understand this is a serious study,” she said. “They have chosen not to believe it. They can’t find it in their minds to think these things exist.” She says they have proof of Sasquatch DNA that confirms Bigfoot is real.

The study states that it gathered over 100 samples from Bigfoot and analyzed them by extracting genomes. “(A)pproximately one hundred and thirteen separate samples of hair, blood, mucus, toenail, bark scrapings, saliva and skin with hair and subcutaneous tissue attached were submitted by dozens of individuals and groups from thirty-four separate hominin collection sites around North America.”

The scientists involved in the study have come to the hypothesis that Bigfoot is a human hybrid creature. Dr. Ketchum says that she was once a skeptic but after participating in the research, she has become a believer. She is concerned that the “Galileo effect” will prevent people from believing the research.

Dr. Ketchum classified Bigfoot as a type of people with their own culture, saying “The whole point of this is that these are a type of people and they have culture and there’s plenty of evidence of this effect … they should have rights like we have. They’re not going to collect welfare and they’re not going to be a social burden but they don’t need to be hunted or even harassed.”

Skeptics point to many reasons why this study may not be valid. First, they say, if Bigfoot was real, the creatures would not be so elusive. They would be able to be easily tracked and their remains uncovered routinely. Thus far, there has been no corpse of any Bigfoot creature provided or verified by independent scientists.

Secondly, skeptics point to the fact that the research has not been published in a reputable peer reviewed journal. The results are indeed published in a journal, but it’s a journal founded by the researchers themselves. Science blogger John Timmer says there are many flaws in the research he has examined so far when he looked at the study. In a blog post he has titled How the attempt to sequence “Bigfoot’s genomewent badly off track, Timmer says the main concern he has with the data is that it should “raise red flags for any biologist.” He says that the data that was finally extracted was contaminated. “…My initial analysis suggested that the “genome sequence” was an artifact, the product of a combination of contamination, degradation, and poor assembly methods,” he writes, “And every other biologist I showed it to reached the same conclusion.”

Despite the concerns of skeptics, Dr. Ketchum is convinced her study results “proving” the existence of Sasquatch DNA are legitimate and that Bigfoot is real.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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  1. Edward   October 2, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Dr Ketchum….Like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon! I do believe there is a conspiracy there…

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