Phoenix Gunman Kills Four and Then Self

Phoenix Gunman kills four then himself

A gunman took the lives of four people and two dogs at a Phoenix housing complex on Saturday before he turned the gun on himself in a mass murder-suicide according to police statements. It was a horrific scene the detectives discovered. The Phoenix police officers said that two adult males, one adult female, and a teenage boy were shot dead by a man in his 50’s at the complex.

At just about 9 a.m., Phoenix Police Department officers answered the call to a gunfire report at a townhouse in a middle-town Phoenix residential complex, explained police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson.

Various investigators started interviewing neighbors and figured out which of the two likely condos that the gunman might have been hiding in; Thompson spoke in a press release.

Soon after, the Phoenix police and also a SWAT team had surrounded the complex which was located near Camelback Road and 17th Avenue when rounds of gunfire were heard around 8:30 a.m. The SWAT team and police were joined by a terrorism connection unit and many other multiple police officers arrived to assist at the scene.

After a neighbor let police know that the gunman had went into one of the two possible town houses, the police officers went in the other one, in hopes they could get anyone out that might be on the inside.

But when they got there they found out they had arrived too late. What they discovered was a massacre. There were two individuals that had been shot dead out on the back patio, and also two more found dead inside. Two pet dogs had also been brutally killed.

On the inside of the adjourning unit, investigators found a man who they feel was the alleged gunman. He was deceased as well, dead from a gunshot wound which appeared to be self-inflicted.

The whole entire search process went on for over many hours, Thompson said, because police were very determined to find the shooter of the four deceased individuals.

Detectives have not yet released the names or identities of the victims. They also are keeping quiet on the alleged gunman’s identity. During Saturday evening, investigators were beginning to work on getting in touch with the individuals’ next of kin and attempt to piece together some sort of potential motive for all the killings, Thompson said.

That is the main tragedy of this horrible incident, Thompson explained, there is five people whose lives are now completely gone, and we might not ever know the reason why. It is unclear what started the shooting in the first place, but neighbors told police that the alleged shooter was seen aiming his gun at the dogs that were killed and firing shots over a fence. Even so, there is no official motive at the present time.

Residents of the housing complex explained how the victims and suspect had formerly been in numerous major arguments over the dogs and their barking habits, and since the dogs are also dead, they wonder if the animals are the reason for the deaths. The Phoenix gunman killed four people for some reason and then himself. The truth may never be known for sure.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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