Pirates Reportedly Attack Vessel and Kidnap U.S. Sailors off Nigerian Coast

Pirates attack vessel and kidnap US sailors off Nigerian coast

Pirates Attack Vessel, Kidnapping Two U.S. Sailors

According to Reuters, pirates have reportedly attacked an oil supply vessel, just off the coast of Nigeria, and kidnapped two United States sailors.

The news, which was delivered by security sources on Oct. 24, comes in the wake of a recent wave of pirate attacks along Nigeria’s coast, which are reported to have leapt this year by a third. The pirate gangs are drawn to the valuable consignments and crew members aboard major transport vessels, which transit along the Gulf of Guinea.

The vessel is owned by Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO), responsible for the transportation of marines and conducting U.S. Gulf deepwater operations. The ship was besieged by criminal gangs during Wednesday morning, according to AKE Group, a self-proclaimed international risk mitigation firm, based within the United Kingdom.

The captain of the ship was kidnapped, along with the chief engineer, both of whom are of U.S. nationality. Abductees are usually detained by pirates against their will, until a ransom is paid.

By: James Fenner

Reuters Source

ECO Website

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