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Playstation 4

As the listing of the Playstation 4 features are outlined, it might be something to fear when a corporation needs a day-one update just to be able to reach a level of simple functionality with their creation. Regrettably, this seems to be what is going on with the PlayStation 4 right now. Even though Microsoft is challenging gamers to connect to the Internet upon the first installation of the Xbox One, this news is just plain old.

Everyone who is a gamer has known about PS4’s requirements way before the console was just weeks from hitting store shelves all over the world. Yet Sony has stayed quiet on this topic. Whether this was done to get some sort of momentum, or just as a last-minute scuffle to add the required features, this is something everyone will have to tolerate when November 15th gets here.

Users are going to be able to access PS4 titles that are shown on their home televisions and also play them on a PS Vita system which is over Wi-Fi networks by using the PS4 Link. Remarkably enough, it is believed that this feature will not be available at launch even though it has been promised for a long time now. Everyone hopes to see a lot better results with the extra given time. Why it possibly will not be ready is unknown.

This PS4 system is supposed to give video encoding systems that will allow easy uploading of gameplay. Users share their epic triumphs with each other by smacking that button labeled Share, take a couple of screenshots or even going back through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag what is desired and then get back to the game. A video will upload as the user plays. This feature will need an Internet connection. 

The system also improves social viewing by letting users broadcast their gameplay in real-time to other game fans all over the world. Again, this feature requires a connection to the Internet, but that should not be much of a problem.

A new feature will let users play supported digital titles as they are downloaded. Sony says this feature will be fast and very easy to use.

There will be a total maximum of four players at a time which can log into to a single PS4 system at the same time.
If one uses the Mono Headset that comes with the PS4 system, players will be able to chat with eight friends that are playing various games and also players will be able to enjoy music in the background.

If one is a PlayStation Plus member, then he or she will be able to play the PS4 titles online with other players per the network. PS Plus will make it easy for members to join an available online match in a range of ways.

Users can also enjoy DVD and Blu-ray video contents. When the system is used for the first time, players have to connect to the internet to get this feature going.

Many features will not be available at the launch at all and instead will become available at a later date such as the suspend/resume mode.

Rather than put so much attention on the gaming experience and achieving the consoles functionality, companies are depending on patches and updates. This might be okay for a game but it should not be the rule for the device one is playing them on. With all the Playstation 4 features outlined above, the system is one that many will be buying come November 15th.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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