Obesity May Be Caused by Leaky Gut

Obesity and leaky gutA leaky faucet is so annoying.  It does not take long to grab the pliers or call the plumber to stop the constant drip.  Once the problem is solved, life quickly returns to normal.  If only it was that easy to repair the human plumbing system.  Not much thought goes into the everyday details of our digestive systems, unless that spicy enchilada or cheeseburger reminds us with unpleasant heartburn.  The availability of fast food and boxed dinners is both tasty and convenient.   Empty calories do their job to fill up the stomach, but the leftovers that remain can turn into fat deposits and become a warning sign of obesity.  Upon further digging into the trenches of our bodies,  it is learned that obesity may be caused by leaky gut syndrome.

While fat deposits in themselves are harmless, their existence in the body is a serious sign that things are not working properly.  Obesity is a concern both for cosmetic and self esteem reasons, but more importantly in overall health.  After food is consumed and prepared for further digestion in the stomach, it travels on a greater journey to be used by the body.  The whole nine yards of intestines is a winding, twisting machine that can become impaired with malnutrition, heavy alcohol use, medicines, pesticides, parasites and toxins.  The environment and the way our food is manufactured play into how the body reacts through the digestion process.

The intestines can become weak with damage to the membrane lining of the colon.  The perfect passageway can soon spring leaks, flooding the body with toxins and deadly poisons.  All the internal organs become affected and begin to malfunction, hiding fat deposits in the nooks and crannies of the inner torso.  Increased Intestinal Permeability, better known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, may be the cause of obesity.  Once inflammation of the colon has started, membranes continue to break down and leak.  The abdomen becomes flooded with toxins and undigested food particles.  Consuming too much food or the unhealthy junk food and sugary snacks can overload the digestion system.  The used food has no where to go within a normal timeframe and is forced to find other exits.Obesity and leaky gut

Leaky gut can be an ongoing problem, but the body is designed to heal itself under ideal conditions.  Understanding how the body works goes way beyond the type of food that is consumed.  When the streamlined digestive system is disrupted and compromised, serious health issues will occur.  The warning signs of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are quite evident with the jelly belly or beer gut.  Even more than the appearance of extra flab, visceral fat can lodge in between vital organs resulting in disease.

The liver is the best friend of the digestive system and serves to disarm hazardous toxins.  A fatty liver that is hampered will not perform well affecting the entire body.  Scarring can occur causing cirrhosis, cancer and liver failure.  Once the liver is out of commission, the rest of the body will quickly follow.

Letting a leaky faucet continue to drip can be expensive.  Plugging up water pipes with chemicals can cause erosion and decay.  Similar is the leaky gut that also can cause food allergies, rashes, fatigue and depression.  Obesity is certainly related to this syndrome.  Consulting with a nutritionist and taking probiotics is a good first step to solving the problem.  Getting to the root of your health issue provides better understanding and a longer, happier life.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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