PlayStation 4 Will Cost Brazilian Gamers Plenty

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PlayStation 4, which is set to be released next month, will cost Brazilians plenty of money to own.  Gamers over in Brazil finding out this week that Sony’s latest edition of the popular gaming console, which will retail for $399 USD, is going to set them back over $1,850.

And Brazilians aren’t the only ones suffering.  Back in September it was announced that the PS4 will be retailing in Argentina at $6,499 AR, which coverts to roughly $1,140 USD.  The only explanation being offered up by Sony is that there is that Argentina has been experiencing an inflation crisis over the past year.  Our friends over in the United Kingdom can expect to pay €399, about $546 USD.

So, why so expensive in Brazil?  Representatives from Sony Brazil are claiming that the cost on the console over there includes import taxes and fees.  This would amount to roughly $1,292.  The remainder of the price is for the console itself.  And that’s not even mentioning the games they will have to purchase to play on their new system.  Gamers in Brazil are going to have to shell out over $179 R, which converts to $80 USD.  The standard price for most PS4 games in the US will be around $60.  Compared to the price they are paying for the console that price seems downright reasonable.

Turns out it has always been this expensive to be a video addict in Brazil.  Back in August of 2010 Sony released it previous gaming system, PS3, to happy gamers to the tune of $1,130 USD.  The great news at that time was that it was retailing for nearly $300 than they had originally planned it to.

Sony’s announcement earlier this month that a November release date was upon us has had many gamers beyond excited.  Since this past February, when product details were released, gamers have been salivating at the prospect of the new, slimmer console and enhanced graphics and greater memory capability.

US Pre-orders for the gaming console have gone through the roof.  With stores such as Target, Sears, Walmart, and Sony’s official store promising to have the PS4 system in stock and ready for pickup on launch day.  Best Buy is planning on opening some of its storefronts at midnight on November 15th for those who prefer to pony up the money on the day of release.  They are also offering a PS4 bundle which will contain a console, the game Killzone: Shadow Fall, and a PlayStation Plus subscription good for three months all for the fairly reasonable price of $499.97.  Are they thinking those .03 cents will really change your mind?  As if pricing it at $500 were unreasonable.

With the Playstation4 coming to Brazilians at such a high cost it leaves one to wonder if they are willing to part with their hard earned money for the privilege of owning Sony’s offering.  If you are a diehard video game fan then the answer will most likely be a resounding ‘yes.’  But maybe it’s best to wait and see if the price will drop once all the hype has worn off.

By:  Mary Kay Love

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  1. Donavon   October 18, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Why not just buy it over ebay from the USA, unless shipping is that ridiculous

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