Pregnant Bellies: Renewed Law in Pennsylvania Says Hands Off!

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Pregnant? Tired of people touching the protruding bundle of joy? Move to Pennsylvania! The state has renewed an expanded law that allows pregnant women to press charges against strangers for excessively harassing them to touch their belly. Certainly, any pregnant women or those who have been understand the fascination of their extended bellies to strangers. People want to know is it a boy, girl, how far along mom is in her pregnancy. Pregnancies are a sure-fire way to break the ice amid a group of strangers and now it seems strangers in Pennsylvania will be less likely to touch before asking.

Pregnant Bellies- Law Needed?

All it takes is a trip down to the wondering world of Facebook to receive a take on pregnancy belly touching. For many moms-to-be, especially first time moms – have a hard time taking an assertive stance against random people immediately reaching to touch their belly. It truly is sad common sense fails to prevail in the face of choice. It is incredibly rude to immediately touch a stranger – an even more crude when that person happens to be a pregnant gal. While this writer is not a fan behind expanding law creation, sometimes states have to expand laws to encompass a group of people.

The law was renewed after a Cumberland County man was harassing a pregnant woman to touch her belly and did so without permission. The lawmakers want to make clear the Pennsylvania law is intended to provide pregnant women protection from unwanted touching. The harassment laws in the state has always included pregnant women and many should be aware of it. Hands off the pregnant bellies without asking first. Now, besides it being rude, it just may get a citizen arrested.


Story of Unwanted Touching

Chatting to H.L. Miles (name concealed per request) via Facebook  revealed upsetting information for pregnant women. A story millions of women can understand.

Pregnant Bellies: Renewed Law in Pennsylvania Says Hands Off!I was pregnant with twins, it was a hard pregnancy. My husband and I were told there may be complications, so I basically was bed-ridden unless it was time to go to the doctor’s. Everything hurt! It was tough for the both of us. My husband and I walked into the hospital and I was leaning against the reception desk when an older woman stopped before me and nearly shouted ‘look at you!’ and just plopped her hand on my very sensitive belly. My husband lost it on her and security yelled at everyone to stop but the point? No one has the right to touch a pregnant woman, ever without permission! You never know what type of pregnancy the family be dealing with or how sensitive it all may be. We shouldn’t be forced to wear t-shirts to shout don’t touch. These principles were taught to my toddler, so have some damn respect!

Some mothers shared their experiences as well advising they have touched strangers right back on their bellies and that immediately stopped the touching. Other mothers have snapped at strangers to back-off. Pregnant women should not have to endure the curious minds of others or be made to feel guilty to be assertive. The belly, especially engorged with a child is a beautiful thing. It also commands respect and logical conclusions; ask before touching, is that not what the masses teach their children, as Miles mentioned?


This is a heated topic for many. Some take on the approach of “so what?” while others (mostly moms) shout back “respect! ask first!” The pregnant belly touching is not something uncommon. It requires the respect of strangers and even family members to ask prior to touching. Sadly, common sense is a law that cannot be passed, but an approach many need to embrace. Pennsylvania has advised its citizens the law has been in the books and will be enforced. What is your take on touching pregnant bellies?


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H.L. Miles
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2 Responses to "Pregnant Bellies: Renewed Law in Pennsylvania Says Hands Off!"

  1. Christa   October 27, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    I never thought this was a big deal until I was pregnant. It really is a very strange feeling when someone just reaches out and touches you, even a friend or family member. Once a girl that I work with reached out and rubbed my belly. I reached back and touched her boob! She laughed because she immediately realized why I did that. I said to her “no hard feelings, but yeah, that’s how awkward it is” and we had a good laugh about it. I haven’t seen it as a huge problem but I do work with the public and now that I am seven months along and popping out EVERYONE, coworkers, patients, etc. feels the need to throw in their two cents! I really don’t mind chatting about it, but I do draw the line at touching without warning.

  2. jdrch   October 27, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    I’m surprised this is even an issue. I’ve never felt the need to touch any pregnant woman.

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