Rebekah Brooks was Having an Affair – with Andy Coulson!

Rebekah Brooks was Having an Affair In a shocking development today, the phone hacking trial jury have learned that Rebekah Brooks was having a affair for six years or more. Who was the man she was sleeping with? None other than fellow accused, Andy Coulson, her former deputy at the notorious News of the World newspaper.

Introducing his new revelation,The Prosecutor, Andrew Edis QC, told the jury that this information was relevant to the case as it exposed jury how close the couple truly were. If they were capable of sharing a secret this enormous and potentially damaging to their own loved ones, it would seem to indicated they were capable of being complicit in keeping many more.

As Edis told the jury today “What Mr Coulson knew, Mrs Brooks knew too.”

The extra-marital affair was uncovered when police found a Word document letter on an old computer of Rebekah Brooks. They found the computer in a cupboard under the stairs.  It seems that they became lovers as far back as 1998. By 2004, Andy Coulson began trying to extricate himself from their relationship, and in her response to this move on his part, Brooks wrote from the heart about her feelings for him:

“The fact is” she wrote “you are my very best friend. I tell you everything. I confide in you. I seek your advice. I love you, care about you, worry about you., we laugh and cry together.”

Edis was careful to point out that he was not releasing these details in order to be salacious or to incite the jury to come to moral conclusions. However, as they are both in the dock on charges of conspiracy, he deemed it relevant that there was clear evidence of their conspiring to keep their affair a secret for so long. It brought to light more of an insight into the trust and regard they had for one another, and how well they knew each other.

Edis conceded that his revelation to the jury about the affair was bound to draw a great deal of publicity and with it, the attendant judgement and comment that was inevitable with such stories.

Rebekah Brooks was married to actor Ross Kemp, best known for his role in the BBC soap opera Eastenders from 2002 to 2006 with their divorce being finalised in 2009. She then married Charlie Brooks, who is also on trial.

Andy Coulson married his wife Eloise in 2000.

Towards the end of her grief-stricken letter, which it is not known if Coulson ever received, Brooks laments: ” Finally, the least of my worries, how do we then work this new relationship? There are hundreds of things that have happened since Saturday that I would normally share with you.”  Like any other woman who is being rejected, she rails against the decision: “I don’t understand this, we are either there for each other or we are not.”

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