Republican Party – Responsible for Shutdown

ClosedThe Republican Party of 2013 is on a path of destruction and they are taking with them any chance of a United States of America. Standing on the senate floor, they fight for who can thump his or her chest the loudest or browbeat those deemed less-than. Today’s government shutdown is just another example of dysfunction and a harsh reminder that the Republican Party does not play well with others. Our government is shut down today and the Republican Party is responsible.

There are many in congress vacillating between flawed behavior and perpetual debate whether or not the cameras are rolling. As these battles, such as the recent aim to defund Obamacare, hopelessly continue, so do the waves of Republicans vying to place blame on the Democrats and the President.

Whether staunchly opposed to abortion, adamantly against Obamacare, or constantly battling it out for congressional power, many of those responsible for the government shutdown have found a way to oppose anything the House Democrats put in front of them. A strong government capable of harmony seems lost at this point.

Those responsible for the shutdown seem to display an incestuous continuity. No matter the controversy and no matter the current state of affairs, the Good Old Party of 2013 gives the impression of having no interest in actually doing their job; only in posturing for their constituents.  The theme seems to be filibuster, threaten to filibuster and complain, all for the sake of pseudo prowess.  Rather than mending what needs fixing, they would much rather pick unwinnable fights and blame their congressional absence on a president with whom they refuse to cooperate. Sure, they scream about undocumented immigrants, government spending, welfare abuse, and tax breaks for the wealthy, but what are they doing to improve any of these complaints while making this country whole?  Not. One. Thing.

Thomas Sowell once said, “The big divide in this country is not between Democrats and Republicans, or women and men, but between talkers and doers.” Bickering over what is wrong, while simultaneously nixing even an idea for improvement has become the norm for this party.  Picking the right battles, those that are for the good of this country, has been lost with the current Republican Party. No more is it what is best for the many, but what is best for the me. Trying to demolish universal healthcare, preventing women from a  safe, private abortion, ignoring impoverished families, shaming those who think birth control should be covered by insurance, embellishing truths, reinventing lies, theorizing conspiracies and refusing any option offered by President Obama- that is where the Republican Party of 2013 stands. They stand proud with their incredulous ideologies and they stand strong with their outrage, but as their crusade against the evolution of this country continues, so does the breaking down of the infrastructure.

We, as a united front, should work together to put this country back on top. What has turned into showboating and subterfuge used to be a legislative body that was allied. What was once a country made durable by our hopeful founding fathers has now become maimed. Though all parties have played a part in the deconstruction of a once unified country, it is clear the Republican Party is the responsible party in this unnecessary shutdown.


An op-ed written by: Amy Magness Whatley


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