Rihanna Teaches Miley Cyrus How to Twerk in Pour It Up (Video)

Rihanna Teaches Miley Cyrus How to Twerk in Pour It Up (Video)

Rihanna has taken the Miley Cyrus challenge and really “sexed-up” her latest music video, Pour It Up. She teaches Miley Cyrus how to really twerk and she doesn’t have to take off her clothes to do it. Although what she is wearing leaves very little to the imagination. The singer proves that she doesn’t have to strip off completely to show how sexy she is. We have Rihanna’s music video below for your entertainment.

In the video, the 25 year-old performer also pole dances. Rihanna has been posting Instagram photos of her outfit in the video in the run up to its release. She looks and sounds fantastic in her latest offering.

Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and the old lady of this sexy trio, Britney Spears have all turned up the temperature in their latest music videos. At 31 years of age and a mother of two, Spears is rapidly running out of time to keep showing that body off. Her see-through body stocking days will soon be over, but, like Rihanna she proved in her Work B*tch that its all about the packaging.

But one female artist that won’t be performing in her birthday suit or with too little clothing is Katy Perry. The 28 year-old Roar singer has gone on record saying that she doesn’t feel she has the necessary equipment to appear nude, or near nude, in her music videos’ Perry did say that if she had the body of Rihanna she might consider it.

But if Katy Perry or Britney Spears wanted to learn how to twerk, Rihanna would be the person to show them. In her latest music video Pour It Up, she also looks like she’s teaching not just twerking but pole dancing as well. Miley Cyrus take note.

But back on the subject of music video nudity and Ms Perry’s feelings about same, she also said that her age negated that sort of performance. With her being just two short years away from the big 3-0, she felt that pulling off that look would not work for her. She pointed out that she wanted to focus on her music and not her body and she wants her fans to do the same.

Perry’s decision to let her singing and lyrics be the center of attention shows a maturity that both Rihanna and Miley Cyrus lack in their careers. Katy realizes that age and gravity make it hard to continue that exhibitionist type performance that the two younger performers appear to be relying on.

Britney Spears, has lost none of her sex appeal and after giving birth to two boys, she knows all too well how hard it is to maintain that youthful looking body. Spears manages to ooze sexuality with most of her clothes on; she relies on looking and acting sexy rather than stripping down completely.

Rihanna doesn’t rely on Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball technique waltzing through her videos naked, but, she does show an incredible amount of skin. She does rely more on “raunch” than bare essentials. Her twerking and pole dancing represents her focus on the seamier side of sex, but, in the way of performance. Like a stripper at the local lap-dance club, she exudes a different sort of sensuality.

Miley relies on her 20 year-old youthful and sag free body to sell her interpretation of sexy. Her twerking, which she seems almost addicted to shows her desire to be more like a younger version of Rihanna. But in terms that adult earthy sexiness that Rihanna evokes when she twerks, Miley is years behind.

In Rihanna’s latest music video Pour It Up, she teaches Miley Cyrus what twerking is all about and the right way to do it. It looks as though Miley may need to practice a little more and get some size to her tiny behind. Rihanna’s video is below for your twerking entertainment.

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