Roseville Officers Shot in Showdown with Alleged Gang Suspect

Four Officers injured

After four officers were shot in a small town named Roseville, CA in a showdown with an alleged gang suspect, that same wanted man finally surrendered early Saturday. Samuel Nathan Duran, age 33, came unarmed out of the house he had barricaded himself in, said local police spokesperson Brian Jacobson.

The authorities had been after Duran for weeks now but investigators would not say why.

They had found him in the town which is about 20 miles northeast of Sacramento, and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent had gone looking for him in the area with the local police on Friday.

The ICE agent’s unit is in charge of finding alleged drug dealers, human traffickers and gun smugglers, among various other criminals and their activities which happen along the United States border.

This began a manhunt for Duran when he tried to escape from the police as they closed in on him. He was surrounded by various police forces, but when they actually discovered where Duran was, a gunfight erupted between them and the alleged suspect.

The ICE special agent was hit by a bullet in the leg, and he was taken to a hospital, according to ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice. He was said to be alert and stable late Friday evening.

The suspect took off on foot and police officers followed him as he jumped across people’s lawns, scaled fences and took shots at them.

Some of the rounds he shot off allegedly struck one of them in the jaw and got another in the shoulder. Bullet fragments hit a third police officer.

One of the officers was listed as being in serious condition on Friday, while the other two were said to be stable, police stated. They added that no one had suffered injuries that were life-threatening. The officers had their families with them and were doing as well as could be expected.

Police from numerous law enforcement departments worked together to stop the suspect in his tracks. They told Roseville citizens to stay inside their homes, while they searched the area and found Duran’s hide-out, an empty, abandoned house right inside the town.

A police voice boomed toward the house speaking through a bull-horn, talking to the suspect constantly, telling him they had the house surrounded. They ordered him to come out with his hands up, stated a witness at the scene. This went on throughout the night.

Officers formed a tight boundary around the entire neighborhood and then a SWAT team joined up with them. After the dark of night fell, the officials tightened the borders of where they stood even closer, while the suspect continued to hide inside the house even though he had nowhere to run.

Hours passed and finally after much pleading, he emerged from the house, unarmed and gave himself up. An ambulance took off with the suspect inside to give him a medical exam. After that, Duran would be hauled off to jail.

The entire scene was described as “very dangerous” police also said. With four officers shot in the showdown, it was definitely dangerous for everyone involved.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble



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