Online Dating Becoming More Popular than Ever

Online dating becoming more popular than ever

It is believed that about 60 percent of people that use the Internet believe that online dating is becoming more popular and is a good way to meet new people. However only 1 in 10 will admit to ever using online dating services, according to an Internet poll that was published this week.

A 29-year-old student in New York City was by herself eating breaking, and asked how she felt after she had experienced what she had called a failed second date with a 32-year-old computer professional that she had met on an online dating site.

She stated that nothing had been wrong but she just felt lukewarm towards him.

Both of them had gone to see a movie, and she asked him a question about his grandparents that turned out to cause some awkward moments between the two of them.  She wanted to know if they had been Nazis for Hitler because he was from Germany. This caused a period of where each of the two felt uncomfortable. They talked it out and they ended up kissing before she went to her home alone.

This young person’s experience of finding dates on the Internet has become more the usual in the past few years and has lost some of the disgrace that was once around it. 11 percent of individuals who have begun a long-term relationship in the past decade say they met their partner online, stated the Internet dating poll.

But it appears that many who may use the online services are holding back about it. The New York City woman said she wanted to remain anonymous because she would be very embarrassed if others knew she was meeting potential boyfriends online.

She said she believes it is more acceptable now in social circles, but it is still a new dating arrangement that some people just are unsure about. A lot of people who have met online and end up getting together even make up a story about how they met because of embarrassment.

If she were to end up with a boyfriend from the Internet, she says she would instead let everyone believe that she met him going to the movies or they got together through friends.

The student explained that she believed finding someone in person was still the better way to go, but with people being so busy, they might have to play the numbers game, and go out with a whole bunch of different people to find the right one. Online dating did help with that.

She said she thought she replied to about two of the approximately 30 men who contacted her on the dating website she belongs to each month.

Many people want casual sex, she said, and that was one of the choices users can pick for their personal profiles.

Even though she had a lackluster second meeting, she will probably go on another date with the man, whom she explained was a lot shorter then she wanted him to be but that he had a very good-looking face.

It seems that with online dating, people seem to judge others just a tad more hastily.

In the online dating scene, a person will give it only a few attempts, versus meeting someone in person for the first time, because one cannot really get to know another until after at least quite a few dates.

But apparently online dating has grown more popular with all age groups, the polls says. Even people over the age of 50 are using the Internet more and more to meet possible dating partners, and are having success in their attempts.

So if people even are not willing to admit it, there have been many couples brought together, and even numerous marriages all across the world due to online dating and it becoming even more popular.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

NY Daily News

Washington Post


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