Selena Gomez Lip Sync Slip Up (Video)

Selena Gomez Lip Sync Leap off Stage

Selena Gomez Lip Sync Leap off Stage

Justin Bieber’s ex girlfriend was performing on stage at Fairfax, Virginia when she got a bit carried away with her lip sync version of Slow Down and took a little leap off the stage. Selena Gomez came out wearing black boots with high heels. Her dramatic footwear looked great and she seemed to have no problem dancing about in them. But she slipped up her lip sync when she fell off the stage.

The 21 year-old performer could have changed the song to “Fall Down” as that was exactly what happened towards the end of the number. Right up until the incident, Selena was cavorting on the multi-level stage. The performing area branched out from the stage to reach into the audience in a half-circle.

The flashing lights during the number certainly could not have helped the situation. It was difficult to watch Bieber’s ex flame dancing so close to the edge of the lowered down projected stage. As she moved down and then back up during her routine, she could have fallen at any time.

Gomez danced out onto the lower projected stage with no difficulty and reached out to fans who held their hands up to the singer. It was after dancing back up onto the raised stage that things got a little dodgy. Part of the dance routine consisted of what could be called enthusiastic bunny hopping.

It was the bunny hopping that lead Selena to leap off the edge of the stage while lip syncing her song. The short tumble was a drop of roughly 10 to 12 inches and it was as she leapt up with one hand waving in the air that she moved forward enough to “fall” off the edge of the platform.

When she fell, it was obvious that she had been lip syncing the song rather than performing the number live. At 3:28 as she tumbles off and forward to semi-land on one knee and attempts to keep her balance with both hands that you can hear Selena slip up and cry out on her microphone. The sound of her “live” cry of surprise sounds completely different than the singing voice that was being transmitted just before and during the fall.

As she is falling, you can still hear Selena “singing” the chorus as she cries out. The award winning actress and singer is no doubt very talented, but the ability to sing and call out a startled “oh” while simultaneously singing live is asking a bit too much of any artist.

It is quite common for singers to lip sync their live shows these days. Britney Spears is said to sync all her live performances in order to add more spectacle and choreographed dance moves for her fans. The clip from Selena’s Virginia show doesn’t appear to be very spectacular, unless you count bunny hopping off the stage as something special.

But Selena showed that she is a real pro and after the short shout of surprise, she used her forward momentum to reach out and touch fan’s hands in a haphazard high-five. Then with an agility that comes with the territory of being in ones early twenties, she hopped back into the dance routine; seemingly unfazed by her tumble.

What’s amazing is that in all the excitement of Gomez falling off the edge of the stage in mid-leap, no one seemed to notice that Selena was not actually singing Slow Down live. Her little slip up went completely unnoticed. Luckily for her it is common practice by a lot of singers to lip sync their songs for whatever reason. A few years ago, once fans had found out that their idol was all right after her fall, there would have been an outcry. It was not that long ago that live meant live and not lip syncing or miming to the music. Still, it is nice to see that Selena was uninjured. You can see her fall on the video down below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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  2. UGHHH selena lip syncs ALOT, i mean she a OK singer but she really dose’t have a ~AMAZING~ voice i can even sing like/better than her.

  3. Lol you guys are retarded. They don’t turn the mic off so that the “singers” can still talk and randomly yell out to the crowds whenever they want, to make it look like they’re singing live. Otherwise, yes, she was lip synching. A lot of performers already have their vocals automatically loop while performing to help out when they’re dancing but you can hear that she’s hardly singing with her own voice. She’s not a strong singer at all. Just listen to her when she’s actually doing live performances. U can make anyone sound good in a studio but live, not so much. Her performance at the VMAs and DWTS were awful bc that’s her actual singing voice.

  4. Selena Gomez I hope you ok when you fall off the stage & I care about you always love u & please just give me a call 1-(904)338-395 Jenny Rosario or Skype Jenny .rosario85. & email me [email protected] Im a biggest fan ๐Ÿ™ miss u more

  5. If she was lip-syncing, her mic would have been off. If you people turn your speakers up, you can her her yell or something. You wouldn’t hear her make any noise if she was lip-syncing you idiots.
    Why is it when people like “OUR” Selena, get abused by these idiots when TBH she is probably the ONLY musician who doesn’t “CHEAT” her fans by faking it.

    LEAVE SELENA ALONE! If you got something to say about her, report the TRUTH or report NOTHING AT ALL. No wonder the poor girl gets stressed out so much because of people like the owners of this site.

  6. selena gomez was not lip singing so when she fell her backup singers took over that’s why they are called backup singers, selena is a great singer not a lip syncher so duh… she is perfect.

  7. was her back up singers you hear before and after…like duh…lip synchers dont leave the microphone on to hear an accidental “oh”… you know they turn it off, especially during dancing to not hear the breathing in between dance routines,,,, you shotty reporting should have said you all SUSPECT not that she is lip synching

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