Sex in Air

The incidence of in flight sex on the rise

Sex in Air

A couple were so desperate that they had oral sex in front of the passengers of an air Allegiant flight from Medford, Oregeon to Las Vegas. A scene right out of a B rated Hollywood flick or a cheap novel, proving the old axiom that truth is stranger than fiction. This act took place on 21 June.

The name of the man involved in this public sex is Christopher Martin 44 years old, a vintner at the famous Troon Vineyard in Medford; while his accomplice, the 33 years old salon technician’s name is Jessica Stroble.

The fellow passengers, especially those traveling with young children were horrified and awe struck as the couple engaged in oral sex. A fellow passenger later speaking to the press said:

“this is not the sex education I wanted to give my teenage sons,”

The couple stopped during the drink and snack service when the flight attendant asked them to do so, but again resumed their oral sex before the landing. Both were arrested as soon as the plane landed. They were charged for lewd, indecent and disorderly conduct.The maximum punishment for such acts in the United States is 90 days imprisonment and a fine of $500. But the couple were let off lightly by the Las Vegas court, fining each $250.

Though they were let off lightly by the court, Christopher Martin, was ashamed of having sex in air which has not only got him fired from his job but has also resulted in the loss of his reputation and social standing in the community, which according to him took him 10 long years to develop.

This is not the first incident of this nature as a 49 years old man, Bawer Aksal, hailing from Bergen, New Jersey sexually assaulted a fellow passenger in the recent past. Bawer Aksal was not as lucky as the couple named above as the Newark jury declared him guilty on one count of sexual abuse and on one count of abusive sexual conduct. Bawer Aksal is to be sentenced on October 23, for life imprisonment accompanied by a $250,000 fine.

Both these incidents show the level of sexual perversion that has seeped into our society, as both these incidents took place in front of other people and not behind closed doors. The other factor that is common in both these cases of sexual assault is that they took place in flight on board a plane.

The life, property and honor of the people is now no more safe whether on ground or in the air. These bizarre incidents also go on to prove that their are sexual predators all around us and stricter laws pertaining to such acts are required to be legislated by the government in order to stop such blatant harassment of women.

And it is the responsibility of the law enforcing agencies, the government and ultimately the courts to hand out exemplary punishment to people like Christopher Martin and Bawer Aksal, so that incidents of this nature are not repeated in the future and this trend of sex in air is stopped.

An Op-ed written by: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada.


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