Skylanders: Swap Force Features [Video]

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Skylanders to children 6-years-old and up is like GTA to adults. Activision published the third installment in the series and it is available in stores today. Available on Nintendo platforms 3DS, Wii, Wii U and Xbox 360, One and PS 3 and soon PS 4- the series is already bringing rave reviews. For owners of its predecessors Giants and Spyro’s Adventures, a new exciting feature is now available. Players can swap the bottom or top portion of their previous figurines with their new Swap Force figurine and a new awesome creation is born! Lock onto the warp portal and the newly created character uses powers from each separate source for a hybrid powerhouse.

What is Skylanders?

Vicarious Visions developed the game and worked with Activistion for its publication. It is a game that inspires interactivity between cartoons and gaming. It is the idea place for children six and up to place a character figurine on a “portal” that is magnetically read by the console and uploaded. The game has been insanely successful for children and parents alike. Many parents also get involved with the entertaining and humorous storyline.

Parents opt for the starter or bundled packs to receive the powered, warp portal, figurines and the game. The portal is plugged into the console and the toy is connected to the portal and the character stores all information. This includes items, character history and the multiple level of victories. If children have playdates, they can carry the figurines with them to use at a friends house. The idea of newly hybrid creations with Swap Force leads to a genius connection of toys and gaming.

The series has developed Skylanders: Giants, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures and now the newest release: Skylanders: Swap Force. To get an idea of its popularity, the first game in the series sold over 500,000 copies in its first two weeks. In addition, Spyro’s Adventure was the number one selling kid’s video game in 2012, generating over $195 million in the United States. The game formerly would release in Australia first; seeing the amazing success in the U.S., resulted in Activision releasing Swap Force in the States first.

This is what a starter pack looks like for Skylanders. This was for the Giants version.
This is what a starter pack looks like for Skylanders. This was for the Giants version.

Swap Force Cool Features

  •  16 new characters make their introduction in the newest Skylanders series.
  • Enjoy the new and old characters for Skylander
    Enjoy the new and old characters for Skylander

    The next-gen graphics received a boost in HD love, resulting in clear and crisp viewing interactivity (not compatible with Wii and 3DS).

  • Swap figurine configurations between new characters and older characters to develop a hybrid character – resulting in utilizing a full collection of more than 100 character selections.
  • Gamers can now fly, climb and teleport throughout Skylands and the brand new arenas introduced.
  • Enjoy integration with the game, especially for Vita holders who will be able to play away from the upcoming PS4 console in another room.
  • Online support will allow players to simply access friends lists, such as Xbox Live. Gamers will be able to borrow items or check out their friends awesome collections.
  • Activision is reviewing the possibility of taking the game online for tiny gamers to connect with friends online. Due to the review of continued security, this is not a current feature but one that is continuously reviewed.


Skylanders continues to knock it out of the park! Its interactive play continues to build fun and communication for the little gamers over the globe. It side-steps violence, gore and other questionable items to avoid controversy. The game even brings parents to the fun! Visiting a local Toys-R-Us this morning, one mom Susan B. from North Olmsted, Ohio grinned when reaching for the game, “I get it into as much as my daughter! This game is so much fun and really quite cute. The eye-hand coordination, the response needed speaks to kids with colorful characterization.” The game is expected to do incredibly well over the next week in sales.

Skylanders Swap Force provides a way for children to see their favorite figurines come to life! For parents interested in reviewing the game, Skylanders Giants and Spyro’s Adventures are still selling in stores and remain a popular choice. As the Holiday season quickly approaches, Skylanders remains a popular selection of kid gaming fun!

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