Strokes Increasing Among Young People

More young people having strokes

More young people having strokes

Having a stroke is something that is most usually associated with the older population but a very important new study distributed in The Lancet this month states that strokes are increaing among young and middle-aged people all over the world.

This report, which is called The Global and Regional Burden of Stroke in 1990-2010, gathered information from all different countries to analyze both the country and region-specific estimations of stroke.

The research team was led by Valery Feigin, who is a professor and the head of the National Institute for Stroke and Applied Neurosciences in New Zealand. The group looked at results that built over time to make up a depiction of the overall affliction of stroke in the 21 world regions during the years of 1990, 2005 and 2010.

Strokes may happen at any age and do usually occur in individuals over the age of 65. But the study found that a rising number of younger adults and even children are now being affected.

The research group discovered that worldly, over 83,000 people from the age of 20 and even younger were suffering from strokes each year. This is about 0.5 percent of the entire number of individuals that have been affected.

During 2010, over 5 million strokes happened to children who were 20 years old and younger. This was about 13 percent of the stroke population. Young and middle-aged adults, which are in the 20-64 year of age category, had about 4 million strokes which came to 78 percent of the study group.

The researchers feel this number is going to rise if preventive measures are not taken.

Those that suffer a stroke experience a better chance of survival if they are living in countries which have a higher mean income. This could be because of better diagnostic skills.

The CDC states that suffering a stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the United Stated. It ends up killing nearly 131,000 people every single year.

Having a stroke can also be one of the main reasons of severe long-term disability. This affliction also has a substantial impact on the economy as well.

The CDC believes that the stroke encumbrance ends up costing the US over $38 billion every year. This total amount includes health care, medication costs and days that are missed from employment.

The whole world over, the stroke problem is growing every day and there is also a crucial need for socially acceptable and reasonably priced stroke prevention programs, stroke management and also the need for rehabilitation policies to be established and executed worldwide.

The study displays intense differences in the stroke burden over the world and across nationwide income points. In low or middle-income areas, they have strokes up to 10 time  the amount as higher income countries do.

These reductions may be because of education, and people taking better care of themselves such as quitting smoking and monitoring high blood pressure as well as improved diagnosis and quick stroke attention.

This report comes out just as the American Stroke Association wants to remind everyone that Oct. 29, 2013 is considered World Stroke Day. It is supposed to help increase awareness of the stroke impact on lives.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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