Surrogacy: Just a Rented Womb

Surrogacy a womb for rentGo forth and multiply, a commandment from the Bible and the desire of many committed couples.  Unfortunately, it does not always go according to plan.  Extending the happy homestead with an offspring, can result in extreme measures.  Adding to the family is an important decision and one that should be made in unity, love and commitment.  After years of trying for children naturally, many couples go through fertility treatments, adoption inquiries and in-vitro options.  Their hopes are dashed as denials and negative results stream in.  They sometimes discover another path for parenthood through the possibility of surrogacy, and their hope is restored as they await the happy news.  Surrogacy is just a rented womb for their baby.  A place for which their child will grow in order to become their own.

Surrogacy, a woman bearing a child for someone else, has been increasing in popularity as an option for many couples.  The selected mother-to-be agrees with a lawyer in joint agreement with the desiring couple to bear the couple’s child with no strings attached.  The surrogate is paid quite royally for her sacrifice and work, as the couple anxiously await the arrival of their newborn.  The task  can be accomplished by the father donating his sperm to unite with the surrogate mother’s egg or an in-vitro embryo can be implanted into the paid woman’s womb.

The surrey has fringe on top as the couple agrees to pay all of the surrogate’s medical costs incurred along the way.  Having a baby with someone else can get expensive, as the desiring couple could pay up to $100,000 for the procedure.  The surrogate mother agrees to give up all connection to the baby she will give birth to, with the return of a nice pay-out.  It is a legal arrangement, but one that does not go without feeling.  To carry a child for nine months of gestation connects the birth mother in a way she does not expect.  In the beginning it is a job, a way to earn income, but in the end, the kicks inside her belly can remind her of the life she will soon give away.

Surrogacy has become a big business in countries such as India, and around the world.  Struggling to support one’s own family has led to choices beyond the normal scope of the original family unit.  Just a rented womb for a time could mean the difference of food on the table or starving in the streets.  Many women across the globe have decided to give a few months out of their lives to help people and provide for themselves.  The shadow of the child once inside their body may pay some bills for a time, but the yearning of their heart for the child departed could live on forever.

It is a true sacrifice to become a surrogate mother.  To separate oneself from humanity in order to collect a paycheck takes great strength and skill.  Humans feel, sense and love that is within and to give it up requires focus and fortitude.  To see the happiness on the receiving end is worth the endurance of sickness, discomfort and feelings of loss.  To give a part of yourself is the ultimate gift.

Surrogacy could mean a rented womb for awhile, but the temporary residence will surely give long-term happiness to the ones that help fulfill the outcome.  Tears of joy will soon outweigh the strife of life, as the newborn enters the world.  It takes a unique person to grow a living being inside their womb just to give it away, as a special couple prepares a room for the child they will love until the end of time.




Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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    The best precious gift in this world is to be parents. Spreading happiness through surrogacy is a good thought.


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