Suzanne Somers Still Sizzles in Her Sixties

Suzanne SomersEating right, exercising and enjoying lots of sex has kept Suzanne Somers healthy and vibrant for decades.  The soon to be 67 year old recently admitted secrets of her twice a day sex routine with husband Alan Hamel.  Even more encouraging is the fact that her husband is almost 11 years her senior.  The lovebirds have been married since 1977 and apparently show no signs of retiring to the rocking chair anytime soon.  Suzanne still sizzles in her sixties as she sashays in perfect harmony of aging gracefully.

Suzanne, best known for her role as Chrissy on Three’s Company, has always marched to her own drumbeat.  She has adhered to own style of living and it has proven successful in her many ventures.  Long before her breast cancer diagnosis in 2001, Suzanne was a strong advocate for healthy living.  Opting out of the standard treatment of chemotherapy, Suzanne began a quest to heal herself and to help others.  With her golden locks and beaming smile, she blazed a trail for alternative medicine that has not been without controversy.  She has, in a sense, been her own doctor and caretaker of her own health by doing extensive research on natural remedies and treatments.

With Alan by her side, Suzanne has cultivated a following with her diet and fitness books.  She also has a green thumb, growing much of the couple’s food in their backyard organic garden.  They practice food combining which is simply eating the right food at the right time.  Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach.  Starches and proteins should not be eaten together at the same meal providing for more efficient digestion.  Combining vegetables along with starch, or vegetables with protein at separate meals, is a better plan.  The singer and actress, who once was the spokeswoman for Thigh Master, has remained an icon for the young at heart.  She fully believes aging can be done in a natural, healthy way, which includes lots of sex.  Sex is a normal function for humans and can help reduce stress and pain as the body produces healing hormones and gives the heart a good workout.

Sex, exercise, healthy meals and supplements have gone a long way to preserve the beauty’s well being and inspiring attitude.  Suzanne regularly takes up to 60 pills a day including vitamins, enzymes and bioidentical hormones.  She has found a way to get rid of the ugly side effects of menopause.  In her words the seven drawfs of menopause include itchy, bitchy, sweaty, sleepy, bloated, forgetful and all-dried-up.  Suzanne has avoided these little monsters and exudes a glowing confidence by following her own best advice.  Critics of the celebrity have not been kind by spreading rumors of plastic surgery, which is still up for debate.  Being healthy in a non-conventional world causes one to wonder how it can be done, so the old school is surely skeptical.

Suzanne’s sexy secrets are available to all who dare to explore the possibilities of prevention and being proactive in their own lives.  The serendipity of her own findings have provided a step by step, candid view of taking the reins in the journey of good health and well being.  Every day of the year, Suzanne Somers’ smile springs forth with laughter in the winter of her years, as she patterns her life against the fall of old age.  She has given hope to many by staying sexy and sizzling in her sixties.


Written by: Roanne H. FitzGibbon


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