Malala Fails to Win Nobel Peace Prize

She will be a stronger contender in the future


Wins Nobel Peace Prize 2013

The long wait is over Malala Yousafzai fails to win the coveted Nobel Peace Prize 2013. She has been showered with accolades from all sections of the society from all over the world. The 16 years old is living a charmed life and has a very devoted and vigilant guardian angel protecting her from all the evils and ills that want to hurt her in any way possible. A fund named Malala Fund has also been initiated for providing monetary help to all the poor children to go to schools any where in the world, especially the underdeveloped countries. The United Nations has declared Oct. 11 as the International She Child Day, and it would have been befitting if that Malala  had won the Noble Peace Prize, today.

Yesterday, she was awarded the EU’s Sakharov Award for human rights 2013. She is to receive the Amnesty International Award for Courage in August. She has received the Peter J. Gomez award 2013 from the Harvard University. You name it and she has bagged it, in fact bagged it all. She is the most sought after personality in the world today. Every television anchor worth his/her name wants to  interview her. Every journalist wants to write about her and she is the toast of the whole world. The last one year of her life reads like a fairy tale.

She is a celebrity every where but not in her own country, what a paradox, but there are some very sound reasons for that. According to an article published in the Daily, the oldest and the most prestigious newspaper of Pakistan Malala Yousafzai, is not who she claims to be. According to the the Daily Dawn’s 5 month investigation carried out in Mingora,her home town in Swat. Malala’s real name is Jane and she was born in Budapest, Hungry, in 1997 and not as is commonly believed in Mingora, Swat. Her parents were recruited by the CIA and on the directives of CIA visited Swat in 2002 as members of an international non-profit organization. There they secretly converted a local family of a low level ISI operative to Christianity, left Jane in their care and disappeared. The family which adopted Jane named her Malala. A scene right out of the Hollywood thriller Salt.

The journalists belonging to the Daily Dawn unearthed these details from a prominent doctor of Mingora. Doctor Imztiaz Ali Khanzi treated Malala, when she was just a toddler with an ear infection. Doctor Imtiaz Ali Khanzi has an obsession of collecting ear wax of all his patients, so when Malala accompanied by her parents came to him he collected her ear wax and as routine stored it. Afterwards, when he ran DNA tests on the sample ear wax collected from the child’s ear, he was astonished to discover that Malala was not a Pushtun at all but instead a Caucasian.

The Daily Dawn’s investigative story adds that Malala, rather Jane was not shot by a Talib but instead by an Italian American native named Robert, who after receiving training by the CIA, entered Pakistan posing as an Uzbek national. They also learnt from reliable sources in ISI, that the Americans, the Pakistan army and Jane’s parents were in on this plan and how it was to be executed. This attack was a preamble to “invade” North Waziristan (click the The Daily Dawn link below, to find all the evidence).

Another point of view is that Malala or Jane should not be awarded the coveted Nobel Prize, because she would be usurping the right of the deserving nominees, who have spent their lives fighting for human rights and peace in their regions, in particular and the world, in general. While Malala or should we call her Jane, only after a year and not due to her own efforts but due to the notorious stupidity of the Taliban shot to world prominence.

Still, others are of the firm view that all this spot light, is not helping her cause of education for all the deprived boys and girls of the world but harming it instead.In addition her own education is suffering, as well because of the now daily routine of visiting or hosting different media personalities, delivering public speeches and attending functions and seminars. They believe that her jihad against oppression of the she child has just begun and the Noble Prize  should be awarded to someone who is close to her goal than to someone at the very beginning of the struggle in her/his voluntarily chosen field.

Whatever their views and opinions, it is a fact now that the 16 years old Malala from Pakistan, defying all the odds of gender, creed, nationality, ethnicity and religion, has become the youngest person ever to nominated for the Noble Peace Prize, an honor in itself. What if Malala failed this time round , she will get many more opportunities to win the Noble Peace Prize, in the future. All she has to do is remain steadfast in her beliefs and the commitment she has shown over the past year.

An Op-ed written by: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

The Daily Dawn


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  1. Aslam MALIK   October 12, 2013 at 8:18 am

    The comments & observations like a frivolous story. it is only an attempt to under mine a courageous child.

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