Ted Nugent and Ted Cruz – Epitome of GOP

Ted CruzWhen has-been rocker Ted Nugent goes off on a rant, it almost always becomes a viral news story. When he has an opinion, he is never one to shy away from publicly voicing it. When his conspiracy theories and bigotries begin spilling over, he always finds an audience eagerly awaiting his words. His Tea Party convictions are extreme, his threats are severe and his mind is seemingly padlocked. Ted Nugent is the epitome of the Grand Old Party.

Senator Ted Cruz, a conspiracy theorist of his own accord, is merely a dapper reflection of Ted Nugent. The nonsense Nugent spews to his following, Cruz cleans up and delivers with a much more stylish wrapping. His voice may be tamer, but his actions speak just as loudly as Nugent’s words. Ted Cruz is also the epitome of the Grand Old Party.

Ted Nugent, sporting a new, clean haircut on Instagram, has hinted at a presidential run in a recent Washington Post interview. To quote the mad rocker when asked if he would be making a dash for office, “Yeah, I’m thinking about it.” With the criteria needed to be Commander-in-Chief of this country and with the never-ending drama surrounding our current president’s credentials, it would seem a satirical run at best when one considers his 2012 ominous comments about Obama’s reelection. When the United States Secret Service involves someone in an investigation, it would make sense that the someone involved would be excluded from the ballots.

Nugent, a notorious gun enthusiast and draft-dodger, has made numerous verbal attacks on Liberal Democrats including a variety on Barack Obama. While campaigning for Mitt Romney in the last election, Nugent said, “I’ll tell you this right now. If Barack Obama becomes the President again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Many of his faithful devotees held him to the latter, while most of his adversaries were hoping for the former.

Canadian-born Ted Cruz, the Texas Tea-Party Republican Senator notorious for a recent slew of ruinous conduct, was a presidential hopeful for some. Unfortunately, for this soon-to-be Tea Party has-been, his own peers are now rejecting him. At a gala on October 5, Republican Ken Cuccinelli avoided being photographed with Ted Cruz; even leaving the function before Cruz stood up to speak. After his embarrassing 21-hour attempt at a filibuster, who could blame them for distancing themselves? He embarrassed his entire party.

Ted Nugent and Ted Cruz, both outspoken Conservatives, have each had their moment in the sun. Both men are recognized for equally shocking the country with dogmatist views; they appear to have made more foes than friends. Some say bad attention is better than no attention; but for this dramatic duo, there could be nothing further from the truth.  The Republican Party is falling apart because of radical Tea Party ideologies and for those whose line of thinking is parallel to the two Teds, it will be a somber affair when it crashes to the ground. The antics, extremist views and bigotry encompassing Ted Nugent and Ted Cruz is a fair representation of what began the breakdown of the Republican Party and now has become the epitome of the GOP.



Written by: Amy Magness Whatley


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