Terror at The Capital Again (Live Video Here)

Capital Shooting – An Eyewitness Account 7

The month is at a violent start. One thing we can all be grateful for is that the only person that suffered fatal consequences was the woman who caused today’s chaos when she raced down First Street and rammed the barriers in front of the Capital Building. I felt horrible for several of the by standards who were caught in the middle of it. Several people witnessed the shooting, and reveled in the horror when the  police removed a child around two or three years old. Three people were injured and the woman who drove head first into the barrier was reported killed trying to flee down Pennsylvania Avenue.

The only piece of my opinion that I can offer is that perhaps mental stress caused to much of a strain and caused her to crumble beneath its stress and shock of the Government shutting down. Though the true motives of this woman but it is miraculous that the little girl survived the ordeal unscathed. 

See the Live Update Now

written by: KyAuna Alonzo

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