The Blue Screen of Death Has Attacked the Apple Kingdom [video]

Bitten by the Bug

An Interruption to PerfectionMany owners of the new iPhone 5S have been attacked by the vicious blue screen of death. This issue was previously dominated by the Windows operating system within the world of PCs. According to many recent Apple owners this uninvited guest has found its way to the Apple kingdom.

Once the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) attacks the phone a random reboot will follow. The fact that this is happening when using Apple’s own iWork apps is causing great concern. As it stands now, it is only happening with the iPhone model 5S.

Users of this model have also experienced this BSOD when attempting to multitask between apps as well as random reboots when simply using the phone. The glitch appears to primarily affect users when using Apple’s Pages, Numbers or Keynote apps although other users have complained that they have encountered the BSOD on their phones while using Safari, the camera and FaceTime.

It seems that the BSOD only lasts a few seconds before the screen turns black and the Apple logo returns; signifying a reboot is in process.

This may be a new issue in the Apple kingdom but the BSOD has always been an unwelcomed problem to the world of Windows. Whenever the BSOD happens it always means the PC has encountered an error that it can’t recover from. Sometimes it would cause a continuous rebooting process that would result in a loss of user information.

This is the worst type of error a PC can experience because it takes down the entire system causing much heartache along the way. It has been a longstanding issue that many have deemed a shortcoming of Windows.

I must admit that blue screen doesn’t happen as frequently now as it did in the past. Windows XP was a bigger recipient of the BSOD issue; not nearly as often in Windows 7 or 8.

Ironically in 2007 Apple made fun of the Blue Screen because it was not an issue that had impacted their kingdom but I’m sure it’s not so funny anymore since they are starting to lose their newest users as a result.

Apple released an iOS update to fix another issue users were experiencing with the lock-screen security bugs. However, this update does not address the BSOD or rebooting issues at all. After applying the update users complained of battery drain issues and others had trouble with iMessages.

One workaround that has seem to alleviate the rebooting problem related to the iWork apps is to disable iCloud for syncing Apple’s pages, Numbers apps and Keynote. This is a temporary fix that may not work for all but has seemed to work successfully for many.

One user wrote in the Apple support forum that they tried deleting every app that was non-Apple but it didn’t help. Soon after they did this their phone began to crash every few hours; sometimes it took nearly 30 minutes just to reboot.

A great deal of iPhone 5s users are reporting that their new Smartphone has been displaying the scary blue screen of death when using certain apps or multitasking, and then launching into a reboot. The bug in Windows that Apple once mocked has come back to bite them.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

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