The ObamaCare Alternative: Dr. Kiki Hurt and GM4L [video]

Your Health is Your Wealth

Your Health is Your Wealth

If you’re looking for an alternative to ObamaCare, check out Dr. Kiki Hurt, M.D. She is an Author and Board Certified internist, anesthesiologist, and critical care physician. She is also the founder of GlobalMusic4 Life, Inc.; a program that originated as a result of a twenty year career spent studying the management of acutely dying patients.

GlobalMusic4 Life (GM4L) is a comprehensive wellness program that provides medical expertise and knowledge to help people lead healthier and happier lives. Dr. Hurt has appeared on numerous Internet and radio shows sharing her vision and message of hope.

Dr. Hurt is passionate and unwavering in her belief that music is a successful tool when promoting health awareness. Music has the ability to significantly impact society and is a strategic venue to use in order to spread the health awareness message. With GM4L she has gathered a host of artists that cover popular genres like hip hop, R&B, and jazz. Her desire is to simultaneously bridge two gaps: first, the lack of music centered on health-related themes and finally the lack of education among groups at risk for pandemic conditions like obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Hurt loves music and lives to help others. She has dedicated her life and finances to this wise. She has invested over $500,000 of her own money into her Global Music4Life healthcare media company. While other doctors are living in plush houses and driving fancy cars, Kiki lives extremely modestly in a one bedroom Brooklyn apartment and takes the train to various hospitals that she contracts with.

Dr. Hurt trained in Internal Medicine at Lutheran General Hospital in Park, IL, Anesthesiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Critical Care Medicine at Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois. She received her medical degree at Rush Medical College in Chicago and studied advanced training in Cardiac Tranesophageal Echo at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

Dr. Hurt is an active member of the American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists ( and the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (

She was raised in a small town in rural Tennessee and credits her academic success and professional achievements to a stern and loving great-grandmother. She embodies a host of self-discipline and an overwhelming motivation to help all individuals live their best, healthiest and happiest life.

Dr. Hurt, an extraordinarily talented writer, artist, singer, music producer, and executive producer, has either written, or co-written, all of the songs for GM4L. Each song is heavily influenced by Dr. Hurt’s medical expertise to ensure that the messages are successfully digested as intended. She thrives in the studio as a producer exploiting the nuances that make her songs click. In many cases adding her own vocal and voice-over tracks to give them the life they deserve.

Her company provides an endless flow of health information by incorporating positive music and video health as well as positive animated videos. She pumps out health cartoons on a weekly basis and health blogs, wherein a 24/7 subscription can be purchased to ask questions about health or to obtain “Save Your Own Life” e-books.

Viewers can watch weekly health webisodes, purchase video games, GM4L Clothing, hats, water bottles, exercise programs and cook books through the Apps Stores for iPhone or Android platforms.

You can find her first project aptly entitled, “One Life” on iTunes. GlobalMusic4 Life’s next music project is set to release late October. A FREE app will also release at that time. The app will be available in five different languages; complete with video games (skeleton), music, videos and blogs. It will be a free download made available on all of the common platforms such as iTunes, Android and Windows.

The goal for these projects is to bring in groups of people that are affected the greatest by the lack of health care information. She intends to reach people in all walks of life such as, but not limited to: the poor, African American, non-English speaking, as well as the gay and lesbian community.

GM4L’s projects are also aimed at the many people that are afraid to go to the doctor as well as the elderly that would ordinarily ignore warning signs of pending issues. This is the reason that Dr. Hurt has gone over and above to ensure that they have several languages in their hooks. The violin is their signature sound to capture the attention of older people in an aging system along with songs for the gay communities that are medically influenced to speak to their issues. Dr. Hurt has seen too many of them commit suicide and forego medical attention due to the stigma associated with their sexuality.

Dr. Hurt witnesses, daily, people who die from preventable diseases while in the hospital. Far too often she is forced to say to countless families, “Sorry for your loss.” Her goal is to be able to say those words less by empowering patients to understand when they are in trouble. Many patients believe their deaths don’t affect the physician. Dr. Hurt strongly disagrees. That is why she wrote, Mini Medical School Book 1: How the Body Works and When to Seek Medical Attention.

Packed with health and wellness advice, Mini Medical- Mini Book 1 was designed as a blueprint to help manage and promote good health. Combined with heavy social media, Dr. Kiki Hurt’s daily Health Tidbits, has become an interactive forum where readers seek medical advice on everyday health questions and concerns. Medicine, Life, and a little Laughter foster the principles of good health self-management and self-care.

The GM4L project, and everything you will see in the future from Dr. Kiki Hurt, is because, contrary to the belief of many, death does affect physicians.

Dr. Hurt currently resides in both New York and Los Angeles, but travels across the globe to save the lives of many who would not otherwise receive the physical and spiritual help they need. Her desire is to save lives by any means necessary.

She has spent her life studying the human body and its functions. As a result Dr. Hurt has spent most of her career managing the care of acutely dying patients; whether in the operating room or intensive care unit. Dr. Hurt is using her company to share her wealth of knowledge and experience to the world. Her goal at this stage is simple; to avert patients from becoming the victim of preventable medical situations.

It is her unshakable conviction that if people understand their bodies they will be able to take better care of their lives and live well.

She plans to demystify the human body and the diseases that affect it. She wants people to be so comfortable with how their body works that it eliminates any fear of conversations with doctors when the need arises. Her plea for everyone is to take charge of your body so in turn; you can take control of your life.

Dr. Hurt is a physician by profession, but aims to be remembered as the loving and caring individual that she is; one who did all she could to help humanity.

Your health is your wealth. GM4L is a movement to help keep you alive. They rely in part on donations to fund the continuing education of our young people. Your contribution, however large or small, will be most appreciated. You can also support GlobalMusic4 Life by purchasing their products. Remember the life you save may just be your own.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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