The Voice The Battles Part 3 October 21 (Review & Videos)

The Voice - Season 5

In tonight’s episode of The Voice, it’s a free-for-all, as the coaches who have steals left try to reinforce their teams with the best singers possible. It will be interesting to see who gets kept by the coaches and who gets sent home. Tomorrow, in an hour-long episode, The Battles Part 4, the battle rounds will conclude.

Only Adam has yet to use a steal, according to Carson Daly. Blake has use both of his steals already.

Christina’s first Battle Pair are Josh Logan and Michael Lynch. She has the pair meet Ed Sheeran, who is the adviser for Team Christina. She is going to have the duo sing Harder to Breathe for their battle. Adam Levine wrote the song. They are both sounding pretty great, even in the auditions.

Christina doesn’t especially like their performance, though. Ed suggests that they sing without relying on looking at the lyric sheets.

The time finally comes for them to sing and see who winds up winning the battle.  I think that they both are rockin’ the stage.

Christina decided to keep Josh Logan, and Michael Lynch was sent home. He did a great job, also, but nobody stole him.

After the break, we return to The Voice and join in with Cee Lo and his team’s adviser, Miguel. George Horga, Jr. and Juhi are matched up, a sort of odd pairing, IMHO. Cee Lo selected the song Best I Ever Had for their battle song.

Their voices harmonize very well together; I like how both of them are singing — this will be another tough decision.

Adam: “That was interesting,” he said, and added: “It’s a tough choice, as you’re both very different.”

Blake: “JuJu (that’s what he calls her) is pretty awesome for being 16 years old.” He chooses Juhi as the winner.

Christina: “George, you brought the energy. She’s a talented singer, but so are you.”

Cee Lo: “The winner of this battler is…George.”

Juhi was up to be stolen, and Cee Lo was in the middle of a sentence, when — Adam pressed his button, and stole Juhi for his team! Adam rose out of his seat, they met, and gave each other a hug. Adam says he sees in her “potential, potential, potential.”

Team Blake’s duo of Austin Jenckes and Brian Pounds is up next, right after the commercial break. The two performers met Cher…Blake said: “Do you wonder why I paired you together? It’s the denim.”

He gave them the Bee Gees song To Love Somebody to sing. Cher: “The moment you start judging how you’re doing, you’re done.”

Cher, at one point, tells Austin that she can’t hear him. Austin, who ordinarily sings very well and loudly, relates that he can usually be heard, even without a microphone, so that Brian’s use of a microphone might be why he’s being drowned out somewhat.

Austin Jenckes played the guitar in the rehearsals as they both sang. Blake says that he “really regrets” pairing the two together, as he doesn’t want to lose either one.

The pair make the song into a countrified version, though, Brian adds some raspy, soulful vocals to the mix.

Christina: “You guys really both brought it!” She went with Austin as the winner.

Cee Lo picked Brian, while Adam picked Austin.

Blake: “On paper, it seemed stupid choosing a Bee Gees song when I’m tryin’ to pick the best country singer.” But, he says that Austin left his heart on the stage, so he picks Austin as the winner. The coaches don’t steal Brian Pounds, though he also sang very well.

Team Adam goes next, after another commercial break.  James Irwin and Matt Cermanski will sing the song Counting Stars, which Ryan Tedder, their adviser, wrote. They sound fantastic together in rehearsals; we’ll see how they do during the actual battle right after yet another commercial break.

Matt Cermanski begins the song, then James joins in. The are spectacular — they both have a wide vocal range, and put on an intense performance, facing each other as they sing much of the song. The audience erupts in cheers.

Blake: “James, it was cool, actually watching you do a performance. The other times I had my back turned to you. I’ll have to go with James.”

Cee Lo: “I’ll say James.”

Adam: “You guys are both the come back kids. I love the energy you both brought.”

Carson asks Adam who the winner of the battle is, and Adam says “The winner of this battle is James.” Nobody stole Matt, though he also wailed on the song.

Team Christina’s Destinee Quinn and Lina Gaudenzi  are paired together. They will be singing Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks. Lina makes the song her own during the rehearsals; Destinee seems to have a bit of  trouble at first, at least in the rehearsals, in comparison.

Christina: “Hopefully, by the time they hit the stage they will put a little fire into it.” She adds “They need to let go. They need to fight for it.” They will sing right after the next commercial break.

Before the performance, Christina says: “You girls are really good. Honestly, you are,” and gives them a pep talk.

Destinee Quinn has sang in biker bars, while Lina has been classically trained. Who will win?

Destinee starts off the song, and the audience is already clapping and cheering. When Lina sings, Blake yells out “Wow!”

They harmonize quite well together, also — much better than what I heard of them during the rehearsals. Christina nodded her head as they sang.

Cee Lo: “Destinee, let me start by saying you have a very strong and attentive voice. It was wonderful.”

Adam: “I think you both connected emotionally with the song.”  He said he’d pick Lina.

Blake: “I think Lina performed the song technically better, start to finish.”

Christina: “I was torn between emotion or rage. This is an equal win. It’s a win-win situation; it really is.”

Carson presses her to say who the winner is, but Christina tells him: “I don’t really know, Carson.”  We’ll have to find out after a commercial break.

Back on The Voice, Carson says: “Welcome back to the Battle Rounds,” and he asks Christina who she’s going to choose as the winner. Christina picks Destinee! Carson reminds the coaches that Lina is available to steal — Adam doesn’t have to hear any more; he pushes his button, and uses up his final steal on Lina!

The final battle of the night will pit James Wolpert against  Will Champlin, son of a Chicago band member. Adam picked the song Radioactive for them to sing.

Adam warns Will not to use too much vibrato. He improves a lot as the rehearsals go on. The match-up will be another tough one; they are both singers I’d like to see go on in the competition. We’ll see them battle after more commercials.

Will Champlin begins singing, then James takes the second line. They are totally awesome singing together — they both do an incredible job, and demonstrate a lot of range with their voices. Will seems to me to be a bit more active on stage, hopping around.

Blake: “I love it, ’cause Adam has no idea what to do.” He said he’ll go with James.

Christina: “Will, I think you were more consistent. I dunno, I liked you, Will — I think you won the battle.”

Cee Lo thinks that James won, in his opinion.

Adam: “I do believe that there is room in this competition for both of you, so it’s tough to make this decision. the winner of this battle — the winner of this battle is…James.”

Christina stole Will right at the end, just when it seemed as if he was going to be sent home! They are both fantastic singers, so I will enjoy seeing them both continue on in the competition.

Tomorrow will be the final night of the battle rounds. The only coach who has a steal left is Cee Lo, and he has only one. How will he use it? Whoever he chooses could potentially end up  determining which team wins at the end of this season of The Voice! Though tomorrow night’s episode is just an hour long, it should be a pretty good one, because all of the teams will finally be set, and next week we’ll get to see the teams begin battling against each other.

By: Douglas Cobb