The Voice The Battles Premiere Part 2 October 15 (Review & Videos)

The Voice - Season 5

The Voice continues with the four coaches engaged in heat and tension of the battle rounds in tonight’s hour-long episode. Besides duos from the four teams in head-to-head competition, singing for their chance to stay on the show, there will also be the drama of coaches being able to steal the “loser” of the head-to-head eliminations.

First Carson recaps what happened in last night’s episode, then says that 12 more artists will go into battle tonight.  Who will stay, who will go, who will be stolen by other coaches?

Matthew Schuler and Jacob Poole are the first duo up. My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark is the song that Christina chose for them.

Christina: “Phrasing of this song is so important.” She says she wants it be sung like an anthem, or “call out.”

She adds that “These two standing in front of me are superstars.” We’ll have to wait to see which one wins the first head-to-head battle until after the first   commercial break.

They put on a fantastic performance — they sing it pretty much equally well, I’d say. I might give Matt the slight edge, and call him the winner; but, who knows what the coaches will say?

Cee Lo: “No amateur artist can perform with such intensity and still keep the chops.”

Adam: “That was like a musical ass-whooping.” He went with Matt, though.

Blake: “I’m sorry, you all. I’m more impressed with how Jacob did tonight.”

Christina says that “The winner of this battle is…Matthew.”

Jacob Poole was not chosen by any of the coaches, though Blake said that if hadn’t already used his, he would have stolen him.

Cee Lo’s Kat Roubichard and R. Anthony are the second duo of the night to perform.  We see them with Cee Lo, talking to him, about how Anthony’s wife died, and Kat’s father, and how both of these people have driven them and influenced their lives and singing.

The song that Cee Lo Green chooses for them is I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith.

Kat: “Even though I like the fact that I’m a loose cannon, I want to be able to fire straight.”

We’ll have to sit out another commercial break before we see how  this battle ends, and who will be the second winner of the night.

Damn, they both rock the song out! I’m not usually a big fan of power ballads like this one, but they both do a really great job singing it.

I’m giving the edge to R. Anthony.

Adam: “My biggest regret from the Blind Auditions was that I didn’t turn around. This is a tough one.”

Blake: Kat is pumped. I give this to Kat.”

Christina: “You’re like a tiger. R., you have tremendous vocal control.”

Cee Lo: “I think you both did an exceptional job. You, Kat, are a dynamo. I need an uncontrollable force of nature like you. The winner of this battle, for me, is Kat!” Nobody stole R.Anthony.

The next few battle came fast & furiously, to try to fit them in, I guess. We weren’t even shown much of the songs the duos sang; just got to hear their names, and who the coaches said won the battles. Sure, they just have an hour tonight, instead of two; still, it’s kind of annoying not being able to hear the singers sing entire songs and decide for ourselves who did better.

Cole Vosbury and  Lupe Carroll were paired together. They sang “Africa.” Cee Lo gave the win to Cole. No one steals Lupe.

The Voice - Season 5

Blake pairs up E.G. Daily and Sam Cerniglia to sing Something to Talk About. “The winner of this battle is E.G.,” Blake says. Again, nobody steals Cerniglia.

Adam pairs Ashley DuBose and  Justin Blake and they perform Just a Fool.   “The winner of the battle is Ashley,” Adam says. Justin Blake is sent home; nobody steals him.

Monika  Leigh and single father, Ray Boudreaux, are next to perform for Team Blake. We see them meet with Cher. Blake gives them the song Some Kind of Wonderful by Grand Funk Railroad to sing.

Cher stresses to Monika that she needs to sing louder — when Monika does, Cher says “that’s a thousand times better.”

Ray has a cool, raspy voice, but he can hit the high notes, as well. Monika proved in this song that she also has a wide vocal range.  Monika really came out of her shell, and they both cranked up the volume, and displayed their awesome singing voices to their max.

Christina: “You guys definitely brought the energy with your voices.” She chooses Ray.

Cee Lo: “You can sing, Ray.”

Adam: “The sky’s the limit for you, dude. You can sing,” he says to Ray.

Blake: “Trying to get Monika to sing the same notes twice is like herdin’ cats.” Blake decides to choose Ray.

Carson reminds the coaches that they have a steal if they want to use it. Cee Lo chooses to steal Monika!

Monika: “I love you, Cee Lo! I love you!”

Cee Lo: “I love you, too.”

Monika: “I can’t believe I just got stolen! That’s awesome!”

That was the final head-to-head battle of the episode! While it was annoying, at least to me, not to see the entire performances of many of the songs, I enjoyed hearing the ones that were on the show.

Highlights in my opinion were seeing  Matthew Schuler and Jacob Poole perform, and also  Kat Roubichard and R. Anthony and Monika and Ray.

What did all of you think about tonight’s one-hour episode of The Voice called The Battles Premiere, Part 2? Please leave your Comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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