The Walking Dead 30 Days Without an Accident Premiere (Review)


As The Walking Dead‘s season premiere opens, we see Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) working away in the prison garden (the survivors have put together a community there), while outside the fence that encircles their encampment, the zombies amass, trying to find a way to get in. Lincoln discovers a gun that’s been buried, and removes it from the garden.

When the first commercial break is over, some of the characters are stabbing and hacking the zombies behind the fence, and one of the characters thanks Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) for having killed a deer.

He’s gotten a lot of the food lately, and has become a popular leader and member of the Council.

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Someone approaches on horseback and is allowed to enter the camp. It’s Michonne. Rick asks her if she’ll stay awhile, and she says yes.

They talk about going on another mission to get supplies from a supermarket.

Dixon says there’s: “70 miles of Walkers.”

Sasha says “I’ll go.”

Carl: “You just got here.”

Michonne: “And I’ll be back.”

“The rest of the Council wanted me to talk to you,”  says Hershel .

He tells Rick that he needs to have a gun with him whenever he goes outside of the fence. Rick protests, saying that he has a knife.

“Rick, we want you to be safe. Bring your gun,”  Hershel says.

A woman outside of the fence asks Rick for help. She looks mighty zombie-ish, but she’s not one, apparently. She asks Rick for food, saying that she and her husbnad haven’t “eaten anything in day.” Rick hands her something to eat, and she asks him if he has a camp anywhere nearby.

Rick tells her yes, but says he has to ask her husband three questions first (these three questions will be discussed right after the show, along with other stuff about this episode). He adds: “If you try anything — anything — you’re going to be the who loses.”

Then, we see Rick follow her.  dead3

Some children back at the camp start to name the zombies outside of the fence, until older teen boys tell them not to name them, that they are no longer alive, and they’re not pets.

Dixon has his trusty crossbow, and he and Michonne lead other survivors to a town where they are after supplies.

Daryl tells one character he worked “undercover as a homicide cop,” but he’s about it.

Right before the show cuts to more commercials, we are shown a ton of zombies just out of site of Dixon, Michonne, and the others. They will likely have to face them very soon.

Back from the break, the woman who Rick met in the woods leads him to where her husband is, and says that he “saved me over and over again.” She also says they had to do certain things to survive.

“What were they? Rick asks her.


“The things you had to do.”

“Eating rotting carcasses. Leaving people behind. Not like you,” she answers him.

In a store, one of the survivors, Bob, has an accident with a bottle of alcohol, and a whole shelve of bottles falls and breaks. The noise alerts the zombies. One falls through the roof of the building they’re in, and he is rapidly followed by several other zombies.

Then, we’re shown a behind-the-scenes brief look about the art of directing, and after that, are more commercials.

“Did you do things like that?” the woman asks Rick.

“I hope he answers your three questions to your satisfaction,” she says.

Meanwhile, back at the store, it’s continuing to rain down zombies through the roof, and our heroes are shooting them, stabbing, and clubbing them.  PHfwmefcRHugij_1_m

Daryl gets surrounded by a bunch of them, and he climbs on top of a display.

A  zombie bites a chunk out of the leg of Zach — he’s doomed. The entire roof caves in, as the other characters run to escape.

The woman, Clara, leads Rick to an encampment, where she has a tent. She charges at Rick, with a huge knife, but he sidesteps her. She has kept her husband, now a zombie, chained up and says that he needed to eat live food. She commits hari kari, stabbing herself in the stomach.

Rick “How many Walker have you killed?”

Clara “Eddie..Eddie killed them all…Until…”

Rick “How many people have you killed?”

Clara “Just me…Just me.”

Rick “Why?”

Clara “You don’t…you don’t get to come back. You don’t get to come back from this. You don’t…”

Then, we see something moving underneath a burlap sack, Eddie’s head, and — more commercials ensue.

In a library, Carol is reading aloud from a book to children who are gathered there.

Then, she tries turning it into an armed combat lesson. She says:  “Today, we’ll talk about knives, how to use them and defend ourselves –” A student asks to be excused, as he’s afraid he’ll “yak” on someone.

Back at the camp, Rick stares at the zombies behind the fence; then, his concern turns to a pig, who is laying down, and appears to be sick or almost dead.

Daryl breaks the news to Beth that her boyfriend, Zach, got attacked and killed by the zombies.

“I don’t cry anymore, Daryl,” she tells him. “Are you okay?”

“Just tired of losing people,” he answers her.

We see Sasha studying a map of Georgia, specifically  Macon. Maybe she is thinking about some future mission.

Then, we see  talking to Rick, saying that Rick tried to help the woman who killed herself, and also “you came back, and your boy came back.”

After that, we are shown one of the other characters, Patrick, taking a shower with his clothes on.

After the episode, show runner Scott Gimple reveals that the virus might be becoming airborne, and that Patrick has caught the virus.

The three questions are:  “How many Walkers have you killed?” “How many people have you killed?” and “Why?”

30 Days Without an Accident is an interesting start to the season. The Walkers falling through the ceiling of the supermarket was pretty cool, and was one of the show’s highlights for me.  Rick’s role as the leader seems to have diminished somewhat, at least for the time being, and Daryl’s role as a leader seems to be where the season is headed. Next week’s episode is called Infected, and I’m guessing that we’ll learn more about the virus having now become airborne.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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