The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Please Do Not Feed the Walkers

There could be spoilers.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Please do not Feed the Walkers

Season four, episode two of The Walking Dead could have been titled please do not feed the walkers. In the season premiere of season four, the amount of walkers surrounding the prison where Rick and the survivors decided to stay had increased. Not only had they increased but they were gathered around the fence in droves. This increased presence was a little baffling, but, tonight it was learned that someone was feeding the walking dead rats.

So it seems that the walkers do not just want to munch on human flesh but that any flesh will do. With the walkers reaching what could soon be critical mass around the prison, the sub-plot of the new flu that not only makes you ill, causes your eyes to bleed, and culminates in turning you into a walker has struck the survivors inside the fence.

The two big questions that arise from these new developments are, what is causing the flu and who on Earth is “baiting” the walkers. Someone definitely has their own agenda and it has nothing to do with turning the prison into a survivor Xanadu, While it seems apparent that the ill pig Violet may have passed the walker version of swine flu on the the occupants of the prison, the rat “feeder” will be harder to catch than the flu.

So Rick, with his reluctant leader’s role being thrust back upon him despite his attempt to become one with the soil for his sanity and his son’s, must now be the instigator of investigation. Besides the vermin vittles being handed out, there was the added stress of Patrick being inducted into the ranks of the walkers.

It was a foregone conclusion that the poor man who was bleeding from his eyes in the shower would turn, and he did. His overnight transformation led Patrick to attack his comrades from within the confines of the prison, bringing back to mind the warning by the show’s runner and Greg Nicotero saying that season four of The Walking Dead was going to be all about the threat within. Episode two seems to be backing up that assertion.

Of course Patrick was already turning by the end of episode one and he spent this episode munching and turning other group members into walkers. By the end, most denizens of Cell Block D had either been killed, turned, or were in the process of dying.

The stress levels, along with the threat levels, are rising exponentially. This new flu cannot be treated with a walker version of night nurse and the fact that it kills and transforms its victims quickly means that this mini-pandemic could wipe everyone out pretty damned fast.

Rick has a moment where he has to return to the “killing fields” when he decides to kill the piglets, who may or may not have the flu, and feeds them to walkers outside the fence. This tragic moment seemingly results in an epiphany for Rick who realises he cannot actually be the non-violent man of the soil as planned.

Worse than all the questions that needed answers, was the issue of the fence coming down. Since the amount of walkers has increased due to the rat treats, the fence is being pushed to its limits. Rick, Maggie and Glenn joined other survivors to keep the fence from falling. As MTV noted, this afforded the show a great “gross-out” moment when a walker’s face is “fed” through the fence like a large Ronco Veg-O-matic.

The episode also looks to be providing an opening into the backstory of Michonne. The baby scene raises all sorts of questions that could explain a lot about the samurai sword slashing warrior.

Another interesting, yet tragic, moment comes about with Tyreese. In a romantic/blackly comic moment, he tells his gal Karen what he is really thinking of during a clinch. This turns out to be a real mood killer and Karen decides to pass on having a sleep-over at his place.

A pretty bad idea, as it turns out. After the failed romantic tryst, Tyreese’s new squeeze comes down with a case of the flu. When he goes to see her, he spies a blood trail and follows it outside. When he gets to the end of it, he finds a very well fried Karen. It seems that someone in the camp may be just as dangerous to the group as the walkers.

There is at least on blackly comic bit of humor. After a fellow survivor is bitten, Carol decides to amputate his arm in order to save his life. Turns out, though, that it wasn’t his arm that was bitten. Where he was bitten, Carol would have had to amputate his head. Oh well, give Carol an “A” for effort. Viewers will have to decide if this moment is blackly funny or simply tragic.

Episode two, of The Walking Dead‘s season four, is zipping along nicely. There are still plenty of questions that need answers. For example, where is The Governor? With everyone connected to the show saying, “just wait,” it is hard not to imagine him popping up when you least expect it, like some malefic Jack-in-the-box. For right now, fans will have to focus on the flu and the “turncoat” with the rats.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

4 Responses to "The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Please Do Not Feed the Walkers"

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  2. Ardail   October 22, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Dear Michael Smith.

    It is painfully apparent that you do not watch the show. Your article is littered with misinformation and half-truths.

    THE FENCE: You had written that the number of walkers outside the prison had increased, that is correct. You also go on to write that they surrounded the prison, which is not true. The walkers where focused in one area of the fence, that’s what makes it more sinister sight to see.

    WHAT WALKERS EAT: Walkers eat anything that is alive and moves. They have shown this over and over again. From the horse that Rick rode to Atlanta, the cows and chickens on Hershel’s farm to the caged rats that had been set as traps for the walkers by Morgan. It is should not have been a surprise that they eat things that are not humans. What I don’t understand is why you thought it was a dead rat, it was clearly moving on my T.V.

    THE FLU: It’s just the flu it has no magical properties, it is not turning anyone in to walkers. The flu just makes you sick and the complications of the sickness kill you. The reasons that people seldomly succumb to the flu like that is that we have technology to help. For the cast of the walking dead they have basically been transported to the dark ages. A time were you could easily die from a common cold.

    WHAT MAKES A WALKER: How you become a walker is that you die. No matter how you die you will be a walker in the reality of the show. This was the secret that was told to Rick by Dr. Jenner of the CDC in season 2. The only way to not become or stop being a walker is to destroy the brain. If you die from a brain related death you will not come back as a walker.

    THE BIG QUESTIONS: The question from my prospective is not what caused the FLU. It’s is there access to medication that can deal with this. Antibiotics have a shelf life and I don’t think there is a factory that is still producing them in their world. The two big questions in the show are who is feeding the walkers and who is executing the sick. It’s not likely the same person. I think that the person feeding the dead is (SPOILER, SPOILER) and the one killing the sick are not the same person.

    TO CUT OUR NOT TO CUT: I am not sure what show you are watching but there was not any black comedy intention that I could see, when Carol attempts to amputate the arm of a bite victim only to find out he was bit more than once. Unfortunately the second time was on the back of his neck, which was simply tragic.

    Before you write about the show take the time to watch it, not look at it or glance at it but watch it.

    • Betsynelly   October 29, 2013 at 10:58 am

      Thx Ardail…I believe an adult is feeding the walkers but I don’t quite understand why.
      Maybe someone who believes it is wrong to be still alive, u know what I mean!

  3. Joshua Ede   October 20, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    I think this new virus will last shortly, because of how it could affecr the TV show way too differently than the original storyline of the comic. Brilliant, small changes such as Michonne’s evident troubled past and ‘replacing’ Tyrese with Shane during the early months of the apicalypse are really good; adding a permanent plot change wouldn’t be all too favorable for the audience. I think the producers will focus a little on the whole “Cluedo” concept in the prison like in the comic, while issues between Rick and Tyrese (That seem to be clear and present because the trailer) take place. Although I don’t like this new virus idea, I like that I don’t like it. It keeps me on edge. I knew Shane would die and we all know the Governor will, and the readers of TWD know the next few season’s major plot events (SPOILER: The intro of Abraham’s gang in episode 10 of this season seems a bit too early though) but this new virus is unpredictable, so for the first time while watching TWD, I have no idea of what to expect.

    Thanks, Kirkman.


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