The X Factor The Four-Chair Challenge Round #1 October 2 (Review)


On The X Factor tonight, the much-hyped Four-Chair Challenge Round commences! I’m not exactly sure what it will entail, other than challenges are involved. I don’t know if they will be between teams or between individual singers on the teams, but either way, it should be a great show.

The teams have been formed, and we now know who the mentors of each team are. Simon has The Groups; Demi has The Girls; Paulina has The Boys; and Kelly has The Over 25s.

“Category by category, act by act, the singers will perform.” Mario said  at the start of the show. No one is safe until all ten singers from each category perform.

They’re at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. “Only the four acts sitting in the seats at the end of the show make it to the live shows,” Mario said.

Kelly begins the episode. She says that “They’re ready,” but she will have a tough decision to make at the end of the show.

Victoria Carriger goes first. She has 8 children and is a single mother. She’s a great signer, but will she make it to the next round?

Victoria sings Make You Feel My Love. She has an awesome, beautiful voice, filled with emotion! The crowd erupted with cheers.

Demi liked it, but said that “the energy was a little bit low.”

Simon: “If it was me, based on that performance, I wouldn’t let you go through.” The audience booed his remarks.

Mario: “Kelly, what is your decision?”

“Victoria, you’re ready for this competition. Take a seat,” Kelly told her.

Kristene Mirelle, 27, was next. She works in a grocery store selling chips and salsa.

The sang she selected tonight was Oops, I Did It Again by Britney Spears. I thought she sounded great, also. She did a way different, slower version; very cool, though.

Demi said: “She was in front of a star,” but also said that Kristene sounded “pitchy.”

Simon: “I disagree with the girls. I would be keeping you in at this point.”

Mario: “Is Kristene in a seat, or out of the competition?”

Kelly: “You’re in my Final Four.”  So, Christine also takes a seat — but, will she be able to keep it?

Jeff  Gutt will be next, after the commercial break. He sings Amazing Grace. He sings the crap out of it! He makes it his own, and demonstrates his wide range and vocal control. He even hit a very high note right at the end.

Paulina: “Jeff, I feel the power you have is beyond your voice. It’s your will.”

Simon: “If you’ve got it you’ve got it. It doesn’t matter how old you are.”

Kelly: “There’s a seat over there, and it does have your name written all over it.”

Mario: “Jeff is in. Hoping to join them is Rachel Potter.” Last episode, she sang Landslide and she has also sung Somebody to Love. This will be very, very tough to choose among these great signers.

Rachel sings Irreplaceable. She does a very good job; but, there’s just one chair left. Will she be the one to fill it?

Demi: “Let me ask you something — how did you feel about your performance?”

Rachel: “Let me be honest — I have been sick, and I’ve been taking medicine.”

Kelly: “You’ve made it really hard on me. Do I put you in that chair or do I send you home?”

She decided to put her into the last chair! Lorie Moore will perform right after the commercial break. One thing’s for sure — somebody will lose his/her place in a chair, as Lorie is also extremely good.

Lorie is singing so beautifully — she chose I’ll Make Love to You. The audience is already applauding her. Then, when she was finished, they started screaming and clapping

Demi: “I really fel the passion behind that performance. But, I don’t know know if I’m looking at a superstar.”

Simon: “I didn’t like the version of the song. But, Lorie, you can really sing.”

Kelly: “I don’t know if you’re ready for this industry.” This really surprised me — I thought Kelly would back her up more.

“Hard work makes no excuses. Hard work shows up every Day,” Lorie said. Simon gave her speech a standing ovation.

Kelly: “I respect everything you said to me.” She gave Lorie a seat, and sent Kristene Mirelle home.

“With five more Over 25s to go, this competition is really getting tough,” Mario said.

All four of Kelly Rowland’s seats are filled. Allison Davis, 26, currently a waitress, goes next. She sings Tik Tok  by Ke$ha. I wasn’t impressed.

Demi: “My only problem is I couldn’t take you seriously.”

Simon said of the song choice: “It was so easy, so predictable.”

Kelly: “I’ll have to be honest with you and send you home.”

New dad Jeff Brinkman is up next. He sounds kind of like Joe Cocker or Louis Armstrong. He chose the song Without You. Though he started off a bit slow, then his voice just took off and soared. He is a very good singer — I’d send him on, but, if so, who will he replace?

Demi: “I don’t think you chose the right song.”

Simon: “That song was monstrous, literally ridiculous for you.””Mario: “What is your decision?”

Kelly: “You know, Jeff — I’m going to put you in a seat.”

Mario asked her which one will he replace — she answered, but not until after the commercial break. Argh!

Kelly Rowland has to replace a very talented singer, but life’s tough. Kelly chooses Victoria Carriger. Simon looks like he can’t believe it. He tells Kelly he wouldn’t have done that. I agree with Simon.

Next up is the guy who looks like Santa Claus, but sings like a master of the Blues — Denny Smith.

He sings In The Midnight Hour. He rocks it! The audience applauded and clapped along with him.When he was finished, the audience applauded wildly.

Paulina: “Denny, I once again believe in Santa Claus.”

Simon: “Is Kelly going to send Santa Claus home?

Mario: “Kelly, are you going to be naughty or nice?”

Kelly: “I’m going to send you home.”

All of the other judges look as if they can’t believe what she said. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly…what difficult decisions….

James  Kenney goes next. He’s a really great singer — he chooses to sing Lean On Me. He does a fantastic job, though I really didn’t especially like this version.

Demi: “James you nailed it.”

Simon: I’ve heard this song a million times, but never like you did it. You earned my respect.”

Kelly: “Just then in that performance, you took one strong leap of faith.”

Mario: “Kelly, what will you do?”

Kelly decides to give him a chair! But, who will she send home? Kelly sends Jeffrey Brinkman home! That’s just insane! The audience was holding up 4’s for her to send Rachel Potter home, but she chose Jeff Brinkman instead!

Lillie McCloud, 54, a grandmother, is up next. She’s the last one of the night for Kelley. She says she’s going to “chase that dream,” and adds “today is my day.” She sings:  A House is Not a Home. She has an awesome voice! Simon is smiling, which is usually a good sign. The audience gave her a standing ovation!

Demi: “Without even singing, just standing on the stage, you look like a superstar.”

Paulina: “Thanks so much for giving us so much! You are a goddess!”

Simon: “I love you so much! Competitions need big voices, competitions need stars. You have the X Factor, sweetheart.”

Kelly: “Lillie, you are in my Final Four!”

Mario: “Kelly, who are you sending home?”

Kelly: “The act I’m going to send home tonight is Lorie Moore.”

Wow. Kelly has her Final Four ready, but did she make the right choices to help her team win?

Mario said that it will be Demi’s turn to face the pressure right after the next commercials — this should be extremely interesting! She will finish tomorrow night, as there will be only about a half hour left tonight.

Demi and The Girls will give it a go now. The first girl to sing is Bree Randall. She sings Glad You Came by The Wanted. She has a wonderful voice! Will Demi keep her?

Kelly: “There was no growth. The song kind of dragged, to be honest with you.”

Simon: “You’ve got the right outfit and the right personality, but you didn’t bring your voice.”

Mario: “Is Bree in or out of the competition? What is your decision?”

Demi: “You have a lot of work to do on your vocals.” But, she adds “You are in my Final Four.” She’s probably thinking that if she needs to, she can send Bree home later on.

Khaya Cohen is up next, the second of Demi’s singers tonight. She’s grown up in New York and loves the city.

She sings  Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. She had the audience applauding and screaming right from the start. Awesome!

Kelly: “You have incredible instinct! Your presence on stage is so natural!”

Simon: “I thought you were good the first time I saw you on stage, but you’ve gottne even better!”

Demi: “I’m blown away! I think that not only the other girls should watch out for you, but everybody in the competition. Khayah, take a seat!”

Jamie Pineda was the third of Demi’s girls to sing tonight She sings at retirement homes for a living. She chooses  to sing Don’t Speak. What a great song choice for her! She did an excellent job singing it, and ended up singing in Spanish.

Ashley Williams, 24, is the last contestant of the night for Demi.

Kelly: “I love your voice, Jamie!”

Simon: “When you sing in English, there’s nothing particularly great about your voice, but, when you sing in Spanish, there’s a market for you.”

Demi: “I can’t let you go. You’re in my Final Four.”

Mario: “Jamie sang herself into a seat, but will she be able to keep it? We’ll find out after this!”

Ashly sings Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing. Her mother was murdered. What a great performance! She has pipes, and an awesome range.

Kelly: “Ashly, you are so talented. You have so much strength and incredible power behind your voice.”

Paulina: You have so much grit.”

Simon: “I loved your first audition. But, I didn’t like your song. I didn’t think that was a great performance. Sorry.”

Demi has her first difficult decision to make. “Ashly, you’re in my Final Four!”

Mario: “All four seats are filled right now! but, will they be there after all ten girls have performed?”

The Four-Chair Challenge eliminated several performers I’d hoped to see continue for a few more shows. They are pretty dramatic, though — it was a very entertaining episode.

What are your feelings? Do you think that Kelly and Demi made the right choices? Please leave your opinions below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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    Bring Ashely back She was the winner for us,I will not seen Xfactor anymore SHAME ON YOU DEMI Joyce all the way from Bonaire Netherlands Antilles

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