The X Factor Top 16 Perform October 29 (Review & Videos)

The X Factor Top 16 Perform

The X Factor is back tonight, after a hiatus due to the baseball playoffs and World Series. In tonight’s episode, Top 16 Perform, each of the judges have to make the difficult decision to send one of their singers home.

Demi Lovato tells her group, The Girls, about the news that she will have to send one of them home. Their nerves are frayed, and everyone talks about wanting to do her best.

As well, the home audience gets to show their support, by voting on which girls you think have the elusive X Factor.

Ellona Santiago will be the first of the girls to perform for Demi tonight. She sings  Til the World Ends. The are other dancers with her onstage, and they do a great choreographed performance as she sings. Ellona gives a very energetic performance.

“Ellona, that was so magical! You were on fire! Demi, you cannot let her go!” Kelly Rowland said.

Paulina also really enjoyed her performance, and Simon tells her he liked it, to, and he would keep her, if she was one of his girls. Demi said “you worked it,” to Ellona.

Demi’s second singer of the night is Danie Geimer. She is singing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. She gives a very emotional performance, and demonstrates some powerful pipes. The audience goes wild, cheering and applauding when she finishes.

Kelly: “I liked the energy you borught, but I was expecting more from you.”

Simon: “The problem we have is how to make you not boring. I’m not sure you have the X Factor.”

Demi: “I think that the energy factor went down after the last performance.” I thought she was pretty darn good, but by Demi’s reaction, Danie might be the one she sends home.

The third singer on Demi’s team is Rion Paige. I really like her voice a lot. She sings Skyscraper. She puts a lot of emotion in her vocals, and she is rocking this song, IMHO.

Paulina: “I loved this performance! I feel the power and the courage that you have.”

Simon: “I assume that Demi chose that song for you.” But, Demi says no, that Rion chose it. Simon said that it was a “seriously, seriously good choice” for her. Rion did an excellent job singing the song, and I have no doubt she will move on to the next round.

Demi’s last performer of the night is Khaya Cohen. She kicks ass with the song Mercy. She shows off a wide vocal range with this song, and utilizes the entire stage, playing to the audience. They respond with enthusiastic applause.

Kelly: You are one of my absolute favorite performers. But, you moved around the stage too much.” I thought using the entire stage was a good thing, but Kelly, I guess, thinks that Khaya overdid it, maybe like she was pacing a bit.

Simon: “In my opinion, you have the most commercial voice of the three performers. But, are you likable? I failed all my life, but–“

Khaya: “I like you.”

Demi tells her that she agrees with Simon, though, that she sings kind of like she has “a wall around her.” Right after the break, we’ll hear who Demi has decided to send home of these three very talented young girls.

After the commercials, Mario Lopez welcomes back each of the girls. The first girl that Demi decides to keep is Ellona, the second is Rion Paige (she says “wow”) and the third one isKhaya Cohen. that means that Danie Geimer gets sent home. She’s a very talented singer, like the others; but, sending any of them home would have been a difficult choice.

Paulina Rubio and her team, The Boys, is up next on The X Factor. Paulina says she’s ready to see “her boys.”

First, we see Paulina meeting with the boys for the first time, and she discusses their strengths and weaknesses. She says that “control” will be very important for Josh.

Josh Levi, who Paulina says is “the youngest member of my team,” goes first. He sings  Only Girl in the World. He is great at both singing, and also playing to the audience, and the dancers with him onstage complement his singing very well. I’m fairly sure that Paulina will keep him.

Demi: “I fell you have a lot of potential, but I didn’t like the song choice.”

Simon: “I think you are a great performer, but I have to agree with Demi. I would give that about a six out of 10.”

Paulina: “I agree that was perhaps not the right song for you, but I liked to see you sing and dance.”

The mentors, I’m sure, gave their honest opinion — but, it was maybe like they were watching a different performance than I watched. Maybe Josh was a little nervous; but, I thought he did a pretty decent job.

Carlos Guevara is the second one to perform for Paulina. He has, IMHO, possibly the best voice of the four boys. He sings  Don’t You Worry Child, and packs it with tons of emotion. The chorus does a fantastic job, also, singing “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child.” The audience cheered & applauded.

Kelly: “I can tell that you’ve been practicing. But, I want to be constructive — you get, as Paulina says, a little ‘peachy’ sometimes.”

Simon: “I felt real emotion. I completely bought it. I think you did great.”

Demi: “I couldn’t really hear your vocals for some reason, but what I did hear, I really like.”

Paulina: “I really like you.”

“My next boy,” Paulina says,  “is Latin lover Carlito  Olivero!” He sings Maria, Maria.

He does a great job, and the female dancers help add some spice to the performance.

Demi: “Wow! I’m so excited! I feel I’m watching what has a market.”

Simon: “I run a record label. I would sign you out of all of the others. That was absolutely fantastic!”

Paulina: “I agree with Simon. I think you won tonight. Congratulations!” Well, but, she has one more singer to go — Tim Olstad. She appears to forget his last name for a little bit, just saying “Tim, Tim, Tim,” over and over again.

Tim Olstad sings an emotional version of  the Bon Jovi song, Always. He stands in place while singing it — I don’t know if that will count for or against him, with these judges — but, he knocks the socks off of the song, singing with all of his heart.

Kelly: “You’ve got a killer voice, boy! Paulina, I dunno what you’re gonna do,., girl!”

Simon: “I feel kind of like I went from a party to a funeral, and the funeral director started singing.”

Demi: “I do feel like the energy level went down a lot.” I think it sounds like Demi is agreeing tonight to whatever Simon says, whether she personally also feels the same way or not.

Mario: “Four boys, all in danger of going home tonight.”

Paulina says that the first boy in her Top Three is Carlito. The second one is Carlos Guevara. For the third and final boy, she chooses to keep Tim Olstad.” Josh Levy, unfortunately, has to go home tonight.

The next mentor/judge’s team to perform is Kelly’s, The Over 25s. She has them go to a gym, to exercise, saying it will help with their breath control. She breaks the news to them that one of them will be eliminated soon.

The first singer to take the stage is Lillie McCloud. The song she sings is When a Man Loves a Woman. The audience really gets into it, and Lillie sings it with raw emotion and power, from the very depths of her being.

Paulina: “I really, really liked you from the beginning. It was amazing.”

Simon: “I really, really liked your singing. But, I would like you to lose the theatrics.”

Kelly: “You are absolutely incredible Lillie. You are the best vocalist here.”

Next is another commercial break, and after it is Kelly’s second performer, Jeff Gutt. Crap, he sings “the face off of this song,” as Kelly often puts it. He sings Try by Pink, and rocks it out.

Demi: “You bring something different to this competition.”

Simon: “I thought you were bloody brilliant! I thought it was an outstanding performance!”

Kelly: “You did great, and you didn’t turn red, either!” referring to the fact that he has turned red in the face before, but has now learned to control his breathing better.

Rachel Potter is the next singer for Kelly. She sings  I Hope You Dance. Damn, she also does a very excellent job — Kelly has some really talented singers on her team. Rachel’s voice really soared in parts of the song, and having balloons rising to the ceiling was a cool part of the performance.

Paulina: “Rachel, you have such a beautiful tone. That was brilliant from beginning to the end.”

Simon: “That song was perfect for you, absolutely perfect. I even thought you were better than Lillie.”

Kelly’s fourth and final performer is James Kenney. He sings Red by Daniel Maerriweather. He also does really good, though the beginning of the song is maybe a bit subdued. But, his performance picked up as he sang, and his voice continued to get more and more powerful. The women is the audience screamed and cheered for him after the song was over.

Demi: “I don’t now what the heck Kelly is going to do.”

Simon: “This is going to be a tough decision.”

Paulina: “That was amazing.”

Mario asks Kelly “What are you going to do?” and Kelly answers: “I don’t know.” “The pressure,” Mario aptly says, “is now on for Kelly.”

“Kelly, who is the first singer in your Top Three?” Mario asks.

Kelly: The first person I’m going to put in my Top Three is…Rachel Potter.” The second singer she chooses is Jeff Gutt. The third and final singer she picks is Lillie McCloud! James was awesome, but he is the one who Kelly sends home — she had a  tough decision she had to make, for sure. Did she choose wisely? Only time will tell….

The last category up is The Groups, whose mentor is Simon Cowell. This should definitely be interesting…..They get to go to Simon’s house, and see his Bugatti. He serves them snacks, and then tells them the bad news that the other mentors had to tell their teams, that one of the teams will have to be sent home.

The first group to perform are three sisters, RoXxy Montana. Their song tonight of The X Factor is  Royals by Lorde.  They did an awesome job, but the other groups are pretty darn good, too — did RoXxy Montana sing well enough to stay another week?

‘Kelly: “Let me tell you ladies, I was not expecting that! I’m really excited for you guys.”

Paulina: “You guys are really coming out of your shells. You guys are the next Super Group.”

Simon: “You took direction, I’m really, really proud of you. Congratulations.”

We’ll hear Simon’s other three groups after more commercials.

The second group is composed of three girls,  Sweet Suspense. They sing I Love It and are very excellent, IMHO! The choreography that goes with the song is awesome, too.

Simon: “Girls, you know what? That’s what I call a pop group! You were magic!”

Alex & Sierra sing Blurred Lines, and acoustic version, with Alex playing the guitar. It seems to me to be a sort of odd choice, but they did a very good job of performing the version they did, but they were seated the whole time — I don’t know how the judges will react.

Paulina: “You guys — just to see you, you guys make me happy.”

Kelly: “I wish you guys would have made it more sexy for me.”

Simon: “That was complete rubbish. There is no one out there like you. I was very impressed.”

Simon’s last group, Restless Road, performs after the commercials. They might have the best chance of all of Simon’s groups to go all the way to the final episode of the season, IMHO — and I don’t especially care for country music — they are just undeniably very good singers.

The sing Katy Perry’s Roar — killer! The dude who sings with a very deep voice is just coolness itself. They harmonize really, really well together. Simon gives them a standing ovation.

Paulina: “I am a fan already.”

Kelly: “I am totally, totally going to buy all of the Restless Road records!”

Simon: “You have tremendous talent and chemistry.”

Simon has a difficult choice — I’m guessing he will send RoXxy Montana home. Mario says that Sweet Suspense is still the popular choice. Simon picks for his first group Restless Road. The second group he chooses is Alex & Sierra, and the third and final choice he makes is Sweet Suspense!

What a great episode of The X Factor tonight! The teams are now solidified, and the mentors have picked who they thought were the best performers to carry them to the end of hte season. What are your thoughts? Do you think that the mentors made good decisions, or do you think that one or more of them really made errors of judgment that might cost him/her the win at the end of hte season? Please leave your comments below!



Written by: Douglas Cobb