Chris Brown Voluntarily Enters Rehab to Avoid Jail?

Chris Brown Voluntarily Enters Rehab to Avoid Jail

In what appears to be a pre-emptive move, Chris Brown has voluntarily entered rehab in an attempt to avoid a jail sentence. Brown’s rep announced on Tuesday via a statement that the singer had decided after his release from jail on Monday to work on his alleged anger management problem.

After the 24 year-old singer was arrested on Sunday for assaulting another man in Washington D.C. Brown apparently carefully considered his options. Luckily for the performer, he had the initial charge of felony assault downgraded to a misdemeanor. Considering that the entertainer is still on probation for using his former girlfriend Rihanna as a sparring partner in 2009; which will not finish until 2014, he could face serious jail time if he is found to have violated the terms of his probation.

Brown’s rep said in the statement that Brown was voluntarily entering rehab in order to regain his “focus.” The rep also said that Chris wanted to pursue his career in a healthier perspective. The singer’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, revealed on Tuesday that his client wanted to take time out and do some soul searching. Chris Brown’s voluntary entry into a rehabilitation center could be seen as a ploy to avoid jail time. His lawyer could then point out that the R&B performer was attempting to fix the underlying cause of his unacceptable behaviour.

Over the weekend, the singer and his bodyguard were arrested on felony assault charges after an alleged brief punch-up Sunday morning. The victim of the altercation is said to have had his nose broken after he attempted to “photo-bomb” Brown while taking a picture with two female fans. The award winning singer had the charges reduced and was released from jail under his own recognizance.

Despite getting the charges changed from a felony to a misdemeanor, Brown could still end up going to jail. His latest legal trouble comes after being in court earlier this year where he faced charges of hit-and-run. By the end of the trial, the singer had a further 1,000 hours of community service added to his existing sentence. When Chris Brown was convicted of beating up his ex-girlfriend in 2009, he had to attend domestic violence counselling and 1,400 hours of public service.

While Chris Brown has failed to learn from his past violent mistakes, he has figured out that a bit of prevention can possibly keep him out of jail. His lawyer certainly seems to think it is a great idea. Geragos has predicted that his client will be cleared of the charges. The lawyer also pointed out that Chris Brown’s voluntarily entering rehab was not a sign that he was guilty of the charges.

Chris Brown will be required to show up in court again on November 20. If he is found guilty of violating his parole the singer could spend up to four years in jail. Brown entering rehab voluntarily could be seen by cynics as an attempt to avoid jail time. While his motives are unclear, one thing is certain, the entertainer definitely seems to have an anger management problem.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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