The Yeti Is Real According to Scientist

Yeti hair

The Yeti, which is what Bigfoot is known as in Asia, has come back into the public’s view and a very well respected British geneticist is at the middle of it all. Bryan Sykes, who is a professor and a scientist of human genetics at Oxford, has conducted DNA research on hair samples purported to be from Yetis. What he claims to have found is a chromosomal match for a prehistoric polar bear. So Bigfoot is alive, or at least his Asian cousin appears to be.

Each hair sample came from different areas high up in the Himalayan Mountains, but matched up hereditarily with a polar bear jawbone which was over 40,000 years of age that had been found in Norway. He believes that his studies show the ancient polar bears cross bred with brown bears and they ended up creating the hybrid creature which came to be known as the Yeti.

When the hair samples and jawbone DNA matched up, it caused major excitement. That was an exciting and completely unexpected result that gave us all a surprise, explained Sykes.

The professor equaled mummified remains of a creature that had been given to him by an explorer over 40 years ago with hairs found from a live creature that was discovered about a decade ago. An explorer was climbing Mount Everest back in the 1950s and he helped start Sykes interest in the Yeti myth after he showed him pictures he had taken of strange footprints he found in the snow. With all this, it seems that Bigfoot is really alive, researchers are claiming.

Sykes does not actually think there are prehistoric polar bears running around out in the wild, but he does think it is possible a kind of modern bear came from these lineages. The bear clarification sounds more reasonable than the gigantic hairy hominoid folklore of the Yeti.

The research is also involved in a bigger project to provide chromosomal tests on alleged Bigfoot samples which have been collected all over the world. The results of his investigation of over 35 samples will be revealed at a later date.

For many years travelers have insisted that the Yeti exists, and have even given the beast the nickname the “Abominable Snowman”. Sykes knows this and added that Bigfootologists and other devotees seem to believe that they have been rejected by science. He says that science does not reject or accept anything at all. Science examines the evidence and that is what he is doing.

If what Professor Sykes has researched ends up to be true, it would mean that a fourth formerly unknown type of bear hybrid is alive and well and is living up in the Himalayas. It will join up with the other known varieties of bear that are known to live in the region:  the brown bear, the Asiatic black bear, and the sloth bear.

The Bigfoot mystery may be on the way to being solved to the satisfaction of a few scientists, but how many people who claim to have seen a Bigfoot will ever believe that what they came upon was just a type of bear?  If the Yeti is a bear hybrid, according to scientists, what is Bigfoot? The mystery might never be solved for sure to make everyone happy.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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