Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Can Afford a Vasectomy after All

Spelling Mcdermott FamilyIt isn’t true.  Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott announced last week that they couldn’t afford a vasectomy.   But they can.  A vasectomy can be had for free in many countries and it costs only $350 in the US.  Even with the services of a Beverly Hills doctor, the McDermott’s financial predicament could not be that bad.  Dean was going to have a vasectomy but said they had been advised their finances were not able to carry the burden.

Dean McDermott has admitted he is part of the problem.  Having come from a poor background he said that having fame and fortune encouraged him to spend extravagantly but he is trying to slow down. Tori whimpered to People Magazine this month that she hasn’t purchased a handbag in three years. The horror! But it seems unlikely that a handbag purchase could have strangled their wealth so dramatically.

As it happens, the procedure was performed live in Adelaide, Australia last week on 16 men in front of an audience of several hundred.   The patients were not charged at all proving only that the operation is highly affordable, simple, painless and a healthy way to stop unwanted pregnancy.  You might guess that Dean McDermott was shy of the procedure and blamed it on the cost.  Vasectomy has always been stigmatized because of people’s ignorance.  Paul R. Ehrlich, Bing professor of population studies at Stanford University confirmed the operation’s simplicity, “With the new techniques in vasectomies, you don’t even get an incision that needs to be stitched.”

How could this high profile couple promote such a banal detail of their life?  One can only guess their marketing guru’s suggested this publicity stunt as a way to generate new interest in the Spelling brand.  The couple is obsessive about courting publicity for their multitude of business endeavors, and they rightly need it. With four young children someone realized that a twerking show wouldn’t fit their schedule.

Spelling and McDermott have worked hard to build their product sales and the numerous projects that carry their name generate perpetual income.  The story of financial plight makes even less sense when McDermott’s earnings are added to the equation.  Dylan has just booked a job presenting a Canadian TV show about cooking, Chopped Canada.  He also has a new cookbook pending release in 2014.  Its pithy title, The Gourmet Dad, is destined to cook up sizzling sales.  That also makes for another great earnings package.

Take a peek at the Home Shopping Network site that sells The Tori Spelling Collection and you will be delighted with the offerings alongside superb markdowns on select jewelry.  Perhaps sale prices were added to be certain that the Spelling McDermott family will be able to afford their vasectomy after all.  Meanwhile, the jewelry deals are in our interest.  It’s surprisingly elegant jewelry and fashionable women will enjoy the low prices on sleek fall items that are modern, earthy and unusual.  The horn-shaped necklace is reduced from a pricey $79.95 to an affordable $24.95.

Alongside this fashionable line, Tori Spelling has invested time and creativity into home crafted jewelry that she markets through craft stores as Styled by Tori Spelling.   Then there are the five bestselling books available and a children’s book that encourages children to be true to themselves.  Don’t forget the multitude of reality TV programs that were filmed and are now available on DVD.  Did I mention the earrings that match the horn-shaped necklace?

If you’re going to over spend, there are worse places to be than in Tori Spelling’s designer boots.  Tori Spelling is not just thin, unique, confident, stylish and the nearest thing America has to a princess,  she is also the proud statistic who is still married to her well employed children’s father.

This is a couple whose net value is estimated at $1.5million but whose earning potential is far higher.  Did I mention that Candy Spelling, Tori’s enigmatic mother, has a net worth of $600million?  Maybe she will buy the vastly reduced Tori Spelling Collection geometric colored necklace, now reduced from $89.95.  It seems that Tori Spelling and Dylan McDermott can afford a vasectomy after all.

By Vicky Judah

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