Twitter Vs. Facebook: Who’s the Winner?

Facebook vs. twitter users

Being a twitter person or a Facebook person defines who you really are in our modern society. Way back, Ben Johnson, the Jacobean poet and playwright once said, “Speak, that I may see thee.” Now all you have to do is tweet or update your Facebook status.

Coming down to the outskirts of both social media, twitter is less populated than Facebook. Twitter’s nature as a quick-timer allows for less activity, more chattiness, whereas Facebook –the  constitutes a large part of our lives. I deleted my Facebook account last month and when I opened a new one, it literally felt like I was starting a new life in a new country. That being said, I don’t know if this is a fact that makes for happiness or sadness at the state of loneliness we –the generation of the virtual realities- have reached.

Probably all of twitter’s users have a Facebook account, but not vice versa. According to Pew Center research, only about 18% of U.S. adults use Twitter, while almost 70% logon Facebook. For internet mobile users, half of Facebook’s users visit the social network via mobile with only 75% of twitter folks using the twitter for mobile application. That’s if we put in mind that the number of Facebook active users currently on the internet is 1.15 billion, on the other hand there are only 218 million monthly active users on twitter.

The reason behind might be due to Facebook’s and twitter’s diverse natures. Facebook is more like a country with people living in different houses and communities. Groups make for clubs and pages make for music stores and online newspapers. Events online simulate events in real life, almost every newlywed couple on Facebook update their relationship status before the wedding night ends. Every marketing expert knows that online advertising on Facebook gets the most attention. Not to mention how human’s curiosity is with discovering how exes, old school friends and distant relatives are doing. With people posting personal pictures, links, movies they watch at the moment and places they’re going to, it’s more like a tracking system. You could write a biography about somebody based on their Facebook history.

In defense of twitter, the social medium is the best place for news junkies. It’s like Reuters, CNN and AP all together in a nutshell, along with millions of critics, fans and analysts giving their opinions on the most trending topics in the world. The 140-character limit is also seen in favor of twitter, with only small place left for creativity to peak and only the most important stuff to be said. Twitter has also created a homey environment for celebrities and their fans, what with following the daily routines of the rich and famous. Through twitter, you could gather someone’s most famous quotes and also his/her dumbest ones.

Status updates and likes vs. tweets and retweets, still Facebook and twitter appear to very different categories of people. Those seeking more privacy, look for twitter, of course. But most teenagers and youths these days are online-crazed. They want to capture every moment of their lives, every tattoo and every kiss and post it for the world to see. So with all their differences, Facebook still appeals to larger audiences, unless twitter takes a rebellious move alongside some structural changes, Facebook will remain the winning $100 billion entity.

Written by: Jaylan Salah

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