Typhoon Batters China

Typhoon in ChinaTyphoon Fitow made landfall about a half hour ago in the city of Fuding, according to Chinese meteorologists. Winds gusted up to 151km/h (93mph) as the typhoon approached land in the Fujian province Monday morning. Heavy rains and widespread power outages are being reported.

Authorities called for a red alert signifying the highest level of danger. Reports say some homes have collapsed in the nearby Zhehiang province and two port workers are reportedly missing.

In anticipation of the typhoon, 177,000 people were evacuated in Fujian according to state run new agency Xinhua. In Zhejiang, over 500,000 people were asked to leave their homes. Some 35,000 boats in Zhejiang and 30,000 in Fujian were ordered to return to harbour for shelter.

The storm is moving in a northwesterly direction and is expected to lose force as it moves.

Written by Linda Torkelson





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