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Unknown Fatal Dog Virus Spreading from Owners to Pets

Fatal dog virus
In Michigan, a fatal dog virus has struck in the town of Ann Arbor and has already very quickly killed six canines. Veterinarians are saying it might even be spreading from owners to the pets. The illness showed up in eleven-year-old Brutus during the first of the week, when he began to show symptoms of an unusual illness hitting him.

The dog would try to bark, and then he would whine each time he attempted to bark, said his owner. The Tecumseh, Michigan woman did not get worried until mid-week morning when Brutus did not have any desire to eat and would barely try to move. She explained that she was close to panic at this time and knew she had to get her dog to the vet’s office. “I was trying not to lose it,” she was quoted as saying. Veterinarians did not know exactly what kind of virus Brutus had, because there was no name for it. This was the very first time this type of illness had been seen anywhere in the metro area of Detroit and since then it has taking the lives of dogs very quickly when it has been showing up.

The illness is usually becoming the worst between 12 to 24 hours of when it starts,” stated a veterinarian which works at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. The vet also explained that Brutus and the other dogs seen with the same unknown virus are displaying flu- like symptoms. The animals also have very severe abdominal pain, with vomiting, lethargy, and most of the time bloody diarrhea.

This virus seems to be very similar to the known Circovirus that began making dogs ill last year in San Diego, CA and also in certain parts of Ohio. But how this virus is transmitted is yet unknown, although the dogs that have come down with the illness are seeming to have owners who are also sick.

By tradition human beings do not pass any types of viruses to animals. However, it is appearing that this time, there is some sort of potential that people are doing just that, they are giving their illness to their pets. Brutus’s owner was very quick to admit she had been feeling under the weather since the weekend. She explained that she had stomach pain which had been coming and going, which was located just below her ribcage. However the owner ended up getting lucky. She brought her dog in soon enough so that the illness was able to be caught and treated in time. She added that she simply could not imagine being without her pet.

As of this time, no human beings have knowingly died from this virus nor do any doctors think that any individuals will get severely ill. As a reminder, to help stop spreading germs and viruses, medical professionals state that washing a person’s hands and to also use hand sanitizer as often as possible.  Even with the sanitation steps, it is also unknown if the virus can be spread to any other pets such as cats. Right now, the illness has only shown up in dogs.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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