Miley Cyrus Versus Sinead O’Connor Round Three

MIley Cyrus Versus Sinead O'Connor Round Three

It seems like 2013 is the year of social media battling between celebrities. Twitter feuds are all the vogue with newer celebs; Kanye West vs Jimmy Kimmel, Rihanna vs Teyana Taylor and Amanda Bynes vs everybody. Of course we now know that poor Amanda was suffering from a couple of mental disorders so that explains her feuding. But now we have Miley Cyrus versus Sinead O’Connor round three.

That 46 year-old Sinead is “old school” is apparent by her using the “outdated” Facebook to continue her battle while “Miley-come-lately” has stuck rigidly to Twitter. Sadly, the 20 year-old former Hannah Montana has gotten some outside help for her corner while Sinead stands “slugging it out” solo.

O’Connor was a guest on the Irish television program the Late, Late Show and the outspoken Nothing Compares 2 U singer presented a sedate and “well-spoken” facade on the Friday night installment. She used her appearance to explain why she had been compelled to write her Facebook “open letter.”

She revealed that she thought Miley’s music spoke for itself. She went on to say that she liked her music. But she felt that Cyrus might not realise that she was being exploited by the business. Sinead said that historically, the music industry was well known for taking advantage of performers who were “possibly a little too young” to realize what was happening.

O’Connor went on to say that she was someone who believed in the power of music to “change things” and she loved the medium. But she feels that the money makers have taken over the business and that it is now all about money, “bling and diamonds.” She feels this change, which she intimated was partially down to Simon Cowell’s and Louis Walsh’s “stuff,” has resulted in the death of music.

While the Irish singer was explaining her actions on television in Ireland, back in the USA, Cyrus was jumping back on Twitter for her response to O’Connor’s salvo after Miley went on the attack when she had read the first “open letter.” Miley versus Sinead, round three was reaching new levels in tacky.

She tweeted a line from the singers 1990 hit song, Nothing Compares 2 U:

MIley's tweet.

Miley also responded by posting more revealing photos of herself on Thursday, in one shot she allowed one nipple to peek slyly between her fingers. In another she provided proof that she was a regular customer of the nearest Brazilian wax shop.

Then the cavalry came to Cyrus’ rescue in the form of singer/songwriter Sia – aka Sia Furler – who jumped on her Twitter account to wag her finger at O’Connor for using feminism to to “trash” other women and to allow each female to express themselves as they see fit.

Then the Canadian indie-rock sister act Tegan and Sara tweeted their support for Miley and decided to attack O’Connor’s sexuality, based on very old interviews from the Irish singer’s past, and accused her of being a “prude.”

The Canadian duo also accused O’Connor of being fake in her concern.

The Miley Cyrus versus Sinead O’Connor feud, round three, has quickly turned nasty. It has also stopped being a “fair fight.” The youngsters are ganging up on the older performer and resorting to mud slinging to prove their point. At this juncture in the battle, Miley comes across as trashy and very low classed. But Sinead should probably give up. If the 20 year-old singer cannot have respect for herself, how can she respect anyone else? As proved by her immature reaction to the older singer’s concern.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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