Vatican To Arrange Survey on Gay Marriage, Contraception and Divorce

Pope draws 3M to Mass

Vatican society is slated to take a massive step on controversial issues of the world. Very strikingly, Vatican has declared of arranging a poll on same-sex marriage, contraception, live in relationship and divorce. Vatican society hopes this survey will be a connector bridge between cathedrals and common mass. This survey is going to understand the proper mindset of Christian followers of Catholics’.  Holy Vatican is going to arrange survey on gays’ religious marriage, birth control and divorce.

In between mid-October, Vatican City had sent the poll papers to bishops of every country in the world. They were asked to fill the poll papers on survey. This survey simple triggers common people. It seems that Vatican is trying too hard to bring back the lost faith of cops. In recent times, Vatican has made a number of controversies over sensitive issues like birth control, same-sex marriage etc. Pope Benedict once mocked birth control pills and said against gay relationships; he once pointed out, “gay relationship leads to sexually transmitted diseases.”

Pope Francis is a lot friendly and ‘people’s pope’ since his appearance. He never denied the fact there are gay priests in shrines. He was truly never bothered. Vatican showed anger over his activities as he’s broken many rules. Still, Papa Francis never ceased to love everyone; in his words, “If someone is gay and prays to Jesus everyday, who am I to judge the person?” He is the only Pope to show such sensitivity to gay priests.

Of late Vatican took the generosity a bit further with the announced poll. The Vatican, the gravest shrine in the world, too desires to know its people to regain the lost popularity.  It’s very refreshing to see, Vatican finally wants to move the veil of obscurantism and love its followers.

The Bishops of all countries will now going to collect the views of people through its lower authority. Even if any Bishop hates it from mind, he can’t disobey the Vatican. Vatican is now busy with its common mass. Before Christmas, it’s going to be best gift from Vatican to the strangers of our society. Gay people already welcomed Vatican’s decision. Now, it’s time to move on from orthodox aspects. Vatican is going to arrange survey to clarify their views on marriage, contraception and divorce, one said.

Among the poll questions are things like whether same-sex marriage is recognized in their country and how priests minister to same-sex couples, including how shrines can respond when gays seek a religious education, marriage, shelter or Holy Communion for their children. The poll also asks “how is God’s mercy proclaimed” to separated, divorced and remarried couples. In addition, the information is sought on the pastoral care of men and women who live together outside of marriage and having live-in relationship for long. The survey also asks parishes whether they believe married men and women tend to follow church teaching barring the use of artificial contraception or childbirth control by medical devices.

Helen Osman, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, confirmed plans for the poll to The Associated Press.

“It will be up to each bishop to determine what would be the most useful way of gathering information to provide to Rome,” Osman told in an email. In England, bishops have posted the survey online to be filled out by a wide range of Catholics, including priests, lay people, parents and nuns.

So, Vatican is getting smarter for its people. They want to regain the lost faith. Their survey arrangement on same-sex marriage, contraception and divorce amply floods light on its attitude. They have tendered themselves to know people suffering of heart-rending sorrows and stigma.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul






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