Killer Granny Wanna-be Arrested


An elderly woman from Florida has been arrested after she allegedly tried to hire an undercover investigator to murder her daughter-in-law, report Jacksonville authorities. She has become known as the “wanna-be killer granny”.

Diana Costarakis, age 70, who is from Middleburg, FL is being held without any bond in the Duval County Jail on charges of criminal solicitation and conspiracy, both of which are considered capital felony crimes and are felonies of the first degree. She is slated to appear in court on Oct. 31, and as of yet, she does not have an attorney representing her.

The police report that comes from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office states Costarakis offered the detective $5,000 on Wednesday when they met up at a Home Depot store. She handed him the money which was considered first payment for the job and she also gave him a picture of her daughter-in-law, the woman’s address, and a description of what she drove. Costarakis then passed the officer another $1,000 on Thursday and informed him that her daughter-in-law was wearing diamonds and other lavish jewelry which could be stolen and then sold off. Those could go for the last payment toward the killing. The report adds she stated the diamonds would not be able to be traced.

The undercover cop asked her if she was sure she wanted her daughter-in-law dead, and Costarakis reportedly said that, “If you don’t, I will,” according to police records. She was then taken into custody.

The alleged murder-for-hire Granny’s brother states this is all very out of character for his sister. Hank Reaves says that he believe the only good to come out of all the horrible situation is that his sibling was unable to get away with any type of murder, either through hire, or doing it herself.

Costarakis explained to investigators she believes her daughter-in-law is a very bad mother to her 6-year-old granddaughter and that she is also constantly drunk.

Angela Costarakis, the daughter-in-law, states that she does not know why her mother-in-law has become so angry with her. She explains how her heart is broken and that now her family is destroyed. She states she has compassion for her mother-in-law yet she is having trouble dealing with the idea of what has happened and that she could hardly believe it when she was informed by police. She did include that after she was told, she was shocked to hear the news, but she was not actually surprised.

In the police statement, it reads that Diana Costarakis says Angela Costarakis was in the process of leaving Diana’s  son and then was going to move to Denver taking Diana’s granddaughter away. Angela Costarakis says this is not the case, that this is not true.

Now after you have read this article about a mother-in-law who has attempted to hire a hitman to have her daughter-in-law murdered, and you know that a potential killer granny was on the loose this past week if you take the time to sit back and look at all the various things your own in-laws might have done, honestly does your mother-in-law really seem so terrible?


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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