Prepaid iPhone 5s Carriers and Options

Best options for iPhone 5S

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iPhone 5S and 5C are the hottest devices on the mobile market. Consumers want the devices but not the extravagant bill that comes with a two year option, or the newest installment payments. Customers want the phone, without a contract or agreement and to pay less than $100 monthly for one smartphone. There are prepaid options and carriers for consumers to consider when shopping for the iPhone 5S and 5C choices.

Aio Wireless

This prepaid carrier is owned solely by the mecca power called AT&T. Head over to the website and purchase a 16GB iPhone 5S (Gold is sold out) for $649.99. The iPhone 5C is $100 less, so it seems the iPhone 5S would be the better choice for customers. Customers can select two rate plans: there is the $70 plan which permits unlimited data (4G speeds up to the first 7GB of data use), unlimited talk and unlimited messaging. There is also the Aio Smart plan which allows unlimited talk, unlimited text and 4G data up to 2GB of data before the data is throttled.

iPhone 5S Prepaid Carriers and Options

Virgin Mobile USA

Virgin is offering a great deal on the iPhone 5S at $549.99. Sadly, the last check revealed all colors were sold out, but it might be worth the wait. Customers can select an option of a few plans, as low as $35 monthly for 300 anytime talk minutes, unlimited talk and unlimited data (4G speeds up to 2.5GB of data use before throttle) offering a fantastic deal for customers. Virgin Mobile is a leading carrier of selection and their network is supported by Sprint. Review the options to determine if the coverage would be applicable in a designated area of use.

iPhone 5S Prepaid Carriers and Options

Additional Options

If consumers have an unlocked iPhone 5, AT&T is a selected choice for prepaid options. AT&T has plans as low as $25 monthly to cover unlimited texting, 250 calling minutes and WiFi only accessible data. AT&T is a preferred carrier because of their expansive GSM coverage on the prepaid network which was recently updated in the last several months for support. Other carriers like Sprint showed good worth but data could be spotty and excessively dropped calls were noted.

Consumers looking for older iPhone versions: 4, 4S and 5 can hit marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. e-Bay sellers promote their unlocked iPhones, there are of course items to be aware of when purchasing from a consumer marketplace:

  • Confirm if the phone is legitimately unlocked.  A phone that is jailbroken will compromise updates, eliminate the warranty and remove the manufacturer ability to correct it. Confirm with the seller if any tools like cydia were used to create an “unlocked” phone.  Unlocked phones are not cheap, so buyer beware.
  • Buying outside of contract does not guarantee the phone is unlocked. If a description of the iPhone includes “purchased at full retail priced, unlocked!” that means nothing. Carriers like Verizon and AT&T allows consumers to purchase the iPhone without a contract. The unlock process is another complete procedure and may require certain specifications to fulfill. Confirm this with the seller.
Buyer beware of jailbroken phones
Buyer beware of jailbroken phones


There are great deals out there for prepaid iPhones, including the newest 5S, 5C and even older models like the 5, 4S and 4. When seeking for unlocked phones, confirm with the seller the legitimacy of the unlock process completed. At times it is is better to visit Apple, or the other carriers listed above for the best choices. Many smaller carrier options like C Spire and Cellcom may also sell the device with great rate plan pricing. Happy Shopping!


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Aio Wireless
Virgin Mobile



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    There are quite a lot of jail broken iPhone’s about, always make sure you know what you are buying because you could face problems getting them restored, and selling them on after you have finished with them.


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