The Walking Dead Season 4 All They Do is Keep Shuffling

The Walking Dead Season Four They Just Keep Shuffling

The Walking Dead season 4 starts tonight and fans cannot wait to see where the show is headed next. Walkers are still, mindlessly and resolutely, searching for food and survivors. The amount of survivors fluctuates, rising briefly, then dropping off as the newest members get bitten or eaten. The walkers, all they do is keep shuffling onward in ever increasing numbers despite being dispatched with extreme prejudice by Rick and his fellow group members.

When season three ended Andrea (Laurie Holden) had managed to take care of Milton the walker but she was bitten before killing the new zombie. Using Rick’s gun she self-terminated while Michonne watched on. Sic transit Andrea. Rick and his fellow survivors returned to the prison to make the place their home base.

As season four commences, the Governor (David Morrissey) is missing, although it is a certainty that he will be back as he is on contract. His eventual return cannot be good news for Rick and co.

The reports that apart from the return of David Morrissey as the Governor, characters from the comic book verse of The Walking Dead will be appearing on the show. The New York Comic Con panel confirmed that there will be two comic book characters added to the existing cast.

The first character to be added will be Dr Eugene Porter – played by Josh McDermitt – an ex high school science teacher (shades of Breaking Bad?). The former teacher shows up in the issue 53 in the comic and he travels with Rosita and Abraham Ford.

Rosita will be played by Christian Serratos and Michael Cudlitz will be cast as US Army Sgt Abraham Ford. Cudlitz is pretty excited to be joining the AMC zombie drama. He even posted a official picture via his Twitter account to share with his followers.

Season four of The Walking Dead is shuffling into living rooms to keep fans glued to the adventures of the survivors who are left. It promises to be just as exciting as the previous seasons with its nod to the comic book verse and the inclusion of characters from that world into the show.

The Walking Dead has a firm fan base and the series is just one of several Walking Dead franchises. The comic books and the video game featuring the same verse are equally popular and the television program was renewed easily at the end of each previous season. One obvious advantage that the AMC produced program has is that it can show a considerable amount of gore and violence that the regular networks cannot.

Cable networks with their relaxed rules, like AMC, can continually deliver in the violence and language stakes compared to their FCC monitored and controlled cousins. The Walking Dead can continue to run as long as it has an audience. Fans of the series will remain faithful as long as the formula doesn’t change.

Viewers of the previous seasons know that all survivors are infected with the walker virus, it was revealed at the end of season two, so basically the series could run for a very long time. Even if someone in the verse could get organised enough to develop a “cure” it would not happen quickly, it couldn’t.

As one reviewer put it, the walkers in The Walking Dead do not starve as the zombies in 28 Days Later did, obviously there is a lot more food available in the US than in the UK. Since the overall amount of the infected dead never really seems to diminish in new seasons, Rick and his survivors will always have to fight for their existence.

In the real world, where fans of the show are facing a government meltdown, the only threat is whether US lawmakers can survive their self imposed stalemate. Season four of The Walking Dead promises a world where walkers just keep shuffling in ever increasing numbers and the survivors must continue to struggle.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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