Washington Shut Down by Truckers


Today, American truckers are hoping to send a message to Washington as they come together to let the government know that “they have had enough.” They are planning to ride their trucks throughout the city of Washington as effort to ride in defense of the U.S. Constitution. Zeeda Andrew is the woman who organized the event.

The group, known as Truckers for the Constitution, is planning a citywide protest that is suppose to take place today. A spokesperson for the organization stated on Fox News that it is time to let the representatives of Congress know that they are not accurately representing America. He said that the government is too involved and their are too many stipulations and laws for American citizens, as well as, too many infringements on the constitution.

For weeks, many have noticed an article passed around Facebook claiming that several truckers are planning to fight for America in a protest that will shut down Washington highways. While many thought that it was a joke, it is in fact planned to begin today and continue on for three days through the weekend. They are planning for the ride to be a peaceful one, as they are only looking to stand for their purpose but not to cause harm. Though the protest, if successful, will shut down Washington roads, making it hard for residents to get around.

State officials also plan for a peaceful protest as state troopers will be deployed and on site watching for criminal activity, but have stated that so long as no one breaks the law they will let the protest happen as planned. They do, however, plan on making the protest so peaceful that residents can still get around town safely and accurately.  The truckers do, however, have the right to ride through the areas planned.

While none of the driving or trucking associations are backing the individual truckers who plan to shut down Washington, this movement has received over 136,000 Facebook likes and has been broadcasted all over the web, showing that many citizens of America are behind the protest. Thousands of truckers are reportedly going to be used in the citywide protest in order to shut down Washington. It is also reported that a large group of motorcyclists are going to escort the truckers.

The truckers plan on riding through the Beltway in Washington with trucks in all three lanes for at least three days. The ride is set to begin at 7am today. They will set off from two different meeting locations and ride into Washington and begin the shut down of traffic in Washington.

But the protest may not see success in just the appointed three days, as the truckers carry with them a long list of demands, one of them being that President Obama be removed from office. Some others include fairer wages, gas prices, and fewer federal regulations.

While their cause is very admirable many Americans are wondering just how much Truckers for the Constitution can get done during their protest. With the ongoing problems in Washington it may take more than thousands of truckers and a traffic shut down to scare government officials into taking action. As the weekend moves on we will see just how well the protest led by truckers will go.


Written by: Crystal Boulware

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3 Responses to "Washington Shut Down by Truckers"

  1. michelle cohen   October 12, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    were any conservative politicos there? if not shame on them cowards! god bless the trucker for what they are doing. it seems like most americans are just rotting vegetables or potted plants

  2. Pete Asman   October 11, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Remember America if You’ve got it a Truck Brought it. I am a disabled Truck Driver, I appreciate all the long , hard , Days-Nights that Drivers put in to make sure that America stays FED & has Gasoline, oil , fresh Milk, Meat, Bread, MAIL..You name it..like I said If you’ve got it a Truck Brought it; and doing all this while being away from their Loved ones & putting up with DOT over-regulation & the fact that most Americans don’t have a clue, they see Truckers as a necessary Evil. American Truck Driver You are the true Back-Bone of This Country, Hello Come in–God bless You all & God speed. You rule the Big Road, keep it safe & hurry back home…We miss You.!


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