West African Nations Need Economic Development U.S. Advice Nigeria

West African Nations

Since President Goodluck Jonathan mounted the throne of presidency in Nigeria, there has not been peace in the country through the re-insurgency of Boko Haram. Boko Haram, as widely known, has been described as the group of Islamic Terrorists in the Northern part of Nigeria, where they have been killings, bombing churches and maiming students. This has really given patriotic Nigerians a tremendous concern, leading to worrisome and chattering blame on the president – for his inability to eradicate the crisis in the country.

Several programmes have been discussed and carried out by the president, Goodluck Jonathan, in order to tackle this situation. But the situation is deteriorating every day, like the goats refusing to eat their master’s food, even when they can see the master standing with a cane to whip them to eat.
One of the canes that the president has showcased to the goats {Boko Harram} in a few months ago, was the inauguration of military men to tackle Boko Harram and to protect the lives and securities of the people in the Northern part of the country. But the plan is getting worse every day, as the military are not yet to conquer this group and Boko Haram is still killings and causing chaos.

Many Nigerians – both young and the adult – cannot still justify this nemesis. They cannot still understand while the government cannot annihilate these terrorists’ men. They are wondering, speculating and fearful as to whether political oppositions are not manipulating Boko Haram to frustrate the president from power and to gain control over the seat.

Now the United States is at the corner, with a message saying that Nigeria needs a strong integrated economic development. This is to eradicate the nemesis in the country and to conquer the issue of terrorism.

The US also clarified that Nigeria and all West African countries, are in the need for economic growth, development in governance, endorsement of the rule of law and the political will to implement the law in order to trounce security challenges.

These were said when the US Department of State appeared on the live web-chat in the US Embassy, Abuja, Nigeria. The US Africa Commander, Gen. David Rodriguez, and the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Linda Thomas, disclosed this eagerly.

In their words, they stressed that corruption and terrorisms will continue to survive in Africa if not quickly confronted and averted.
Linda revealed that due to the fearful acts causing by Boko Harram in Nigeria, the US is greatly concerned.

“We have had a number of discussions with the government of Nigeria on how to address this issue in terms of addressing the broad development and also on how the government should respond to the threat,” she said.

She disclosed further that Nigerian government needs a broader perspective, because it is not all about security, and that they have to consider about the impact of their operations on civilians. And hopefully as they go after Boko Haram, they will go into partnership with the civilian community.

Written By: John Spencer

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  1. brian   November 22, 2013 at 5:40 am

    I tried to find more articles written by this writer, but i found only one. why? this is a very good investigative report written by a brilliant scribbler!

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