World Vasectomy Day Was Huge Success


On Friday, World Vasectomy Day was a huge success, with 25 countries participating. During the day-long Snip-a-thon, over 1,000 vasectomies were performed, all in the name of family planning and reducing the world’s population.

How long does a vasectomy take to perform?

It doesn’t take much time out of your busy schedule to get a vasectomy done. If you have a half-hour lunch break, you can have one done and still have 24 minutes left to eat your sandwich.

Throughout the day, there were live screenings done of the operations in Adelaide, Australia. The Vasectomy Celebration served as a way to educate people around the globe about vasectomies and the benefits of getting one, such as population control.

There’s now an estimated population of more than seven billion humans on the planet. Of these, 153 million of them are orphans in need of families to adopt them. By 2023, the population could hit eight billion.

Getting a vasectomy is not necessarily for everyone, but WVD is a time that should cause all males to at least think about the role that males should play and the responsibility we have to make sure that the world’s population doesn’t get even larger than it already is.

Also, getting a vasectomy doesn’t mean that you can’t have a family. When there are as many orphans in the world as there are today, who want to be adopted by loving parents, it’s still possible to have a family and not add to the world’s population.

Hate the thought of scissors or scalpels around your junk?

Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about having pointy objects near your genitals. There is a “no scalpel, no needle” way to get a vasectomy that’s practiced by doctors such as Dr. Neil Pollock of Vancouver, Canada. He’s one of the doctors who took part in the vasectomy-a-thon on Friday.

Also, recovering from a vasectomy is generally fairly quick, and there are few potential complications that can result from this simple procedure.

According to Dr. Pollock, the pain men feel after having a vasectomy is just “a little bit of an ache” that’s over in “a few days.”

You can be back to work soon after the procedure, and even start having sex again within a week or so — and without the worry of it resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.

If you change your mind and decide you want to start up a family, the procedure can be reversed, as well, though getting a vasectomy shouldn’t be considered to be a method of contraception.

World Vasectomy Day was celebrated all around the globe on Friday. There were 173 doctors participating in the day-long vasectomy-a-thon. It was a way to promote responsibility, family planning, and the need to stop the rampant population explosion occurring on our planet. If you took part in the event, or have an opinion about it, please leave your comments below.


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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