Katy Perry Busy Birthday Girl Lets Prism out Early

Katy Perry Busy Birthday Girl Lets Prism Out Early

Katy Perry Busy Birthday Girl Lets Prism Out Early

October has been a very busy month for Katy Perry. This is the month where she will celebrate the day of her birth – on Oct. 25 – and she has just been named the new face of CoverGirl. This busy birthday girl is even hitting the promotional trail for her Prism album which, due to hackers leaking her tracks, she has let out early. She also co-ran a lip dub contest for her single Roar that was aimed at high schools across the country; she announced the winner of the competition on Friday 18, Oct. The same day that her CoverGirl news was released.

On Oct. 25, the 28 year-old pop star will turn 29 and she will be celebrating her birthday by putting on a special birthday concert at Lakewood High School, Colorado. The winners of the lip dub contest will be using Ms Perry’s live concert, which will feature their winning entry, as a fundraising effort to help victims of the Colorado floods. Perry was almost certain to pick the high school’s video entry as it caught her eye when the school posted it.

The singer was so excited by Lakewood High Schools entry that she hopped onto her Twitter feed to tweet her elation. The video went viral and was the only entry to get over 250,000 views. Perry announced the winners live from London on Friday.

On the same week that the performer announced the Roar contest winner, it was announced that Perry would be the new face of CoverGirl. Katy tweeted the news to her fans via Twitter saying: “See what happens when you let the light in” after telling fans about her exciting news. Perry’s appearance as the newest CoverGirl will start in the spring of 2014. The singer already has her own cosmetic line, although, the CoverGirl partnership will be her first makeup business pairing.

Katy Perry’s third album titled Prism which contains the track Roar, had been leaked early and the busy birthday girl’s response was to let her album out early. Starting today, the tracks can be streamed on Idolator and is also available on iTunes.

About her musical style, Perry revealed earlier in the year that she would be taking things in a “Joni Mitchell” direction. Mitchell, an iconic Canadian singer of folk and folk rock music, was well known for her ballad type songs with an earthy feel that she released in the 1970’s. Perry said that rather than try to upset queen of pop Madonna, she was going to focus on becoming the new Joni Mitchell.

Music critics have stated that Perry’s newest album is biographical in nature. Including intimate snapshots of her life. In the album, Katy has songs that reference her split with British comic Russell Brand and included a “thank you” to her sister for support. There are also clear references to her continuing romance with fellow performer John Mayer. Katy has been in a relationship with the 36 year-old singer for some time now and, despite the somewhat on-again-off-again nature of their romance, the two are now talking marriage.

Katy sang new tracks from her album while performing at the iTunes London festival on Sept. 30. At the concert, she sang the “world premiere” of By the Grace of God. The singer said, at the time, that it had never been performed in public before.

The busy birthday girl let Prism out early, because of hackers. Katy Perry’s reaction to the leaks are a testament to her positive nature and many other popstars could learn a lesson. Rather than, Roar about the issue, Perry chose instead to treat her fans to all of her songs properly. She is a star with a capital S.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom