Katy Perry Announces Roar Lip Dub Contest Winner

Katy Perry Announces Lib Dub Contest Winner

Katy Perry announced the Roar lip dub contest winner this morning live from London at the Good Morning America studios. Lakewood High School in Colorado won the first place honors. Was anyone surprised? This high energy video practically screamed winner from the very start. Perry herself got so excited when she initially viewed the video that she tweeted about it.

The 28 year-old pop star got onto to her verified Twitter account to say: “Oh my GAWD…I hear you roaring Lakewood High School!” From that tweet on, the Colorado entry was a clear favorite, and not just with Perry either. The video quickly went viral amassing over 250,000 views on the original video upload.

Katy explained what made Lakewood’s entry the clear winner for her. She said that it embodied the feeling of “whole school spirit” and that the video had been well crafted, interestingly done and very organised. She finished by saying that the entry featured “thousands of kids” all focussing on their Roar and that to her was what the competition was about.

Katy Perry will be holding a special concert for Lakewood High School and it will broadcast live on GMA, Oct. 25 on the singer’s birthday. Her announcement of the lip dub contest winner has brought a close to a viral video craze that swept the country as over 80 high schools submitted entries.

Courtney Coddington, who produced and directed the winning video with fellow student and novice filmmaker Gavin Rudy who did the editing for the entry, was dumbstruck at the news that their entry had won.

Courtney had set the video up via a call sheet which she posted online for all students who wanted to participate in the video to sign. She revealed that in no time at all, every single group within the school had signed up. The two collaborators revealed that after hearing about the lip dub contest, they wanted to enter and show just how much school spirit existed at Lakewood High School.

The two students who put together the winning video said previously that they wanted the special concert to be used as a fundraiser to help Colorado citizens who had been affected by recent Colorado flooding. It looks like their fundraiser is now happening. The school’s principal Ron Castagna has said how proud he was of his students. Ron also said that the video showed what students today were really like and that the media stereotypes presented in the news were in the minority.

The winning entry from Lakewood High School is an inspiring, exciting and unique video. The beginning of the video shows the school mascot – a tiger – entering the school as it enters the camera’s position changes to the tiger’s point of view and viewers then see all the 2000 students and staff moving backwards away from the camera. The school’s entire set of groups like the drama club, glee club, cheerleaders, et al are represented in the video. The tiger POV moves through the school and back out to the football field in one continuous shot.

Lakewood High School has been announced as the winner of the Katy Perry lip dub Roar contest and to see why they won, look below at their original effort, which ran over four minutes, and if you don’t get that “feel good” factor from watching it, you might consider getting a checkup. These student’s showed how you should “Roar” for your school.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom




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