Katy Perry Roar by Lakewood High School Shows How It’s Done (Video)

Katy Perry Roar by Lakewood High School Shows How It’s Done (Video)

Good Morning America is staging a lip dub contest for Katy Perry’s song Roar. The videos are being judged by Perry herself and already there is a clear favourite. Lakewood High School shows how it’s done with their seemingly one-shot take of the song. We have included this “feel-good” lip dub video of Perry’s empowering song below.

We have made no secret of the fact that we love Katy’s latest song. It could be the empowering anthem for women the world over. But this Colorado high school shows that Perry’s song isn’t just for women. They got the entire school to participate in their one-take video and over 2,000 students and staff got together so Katy could hear their Roar.

The video has had over 84,000 views rapidly becoming a viral sensation. With over 1,600 likes, it is pretty popular. But not just with YouTube viewers, Katy Perry herself tweeted about their video:

Katy Perry Lakewood High School Roar Tweet

The video begins with the school’s mascot coming up to the entrance. Then the students begin their lip-sync of the song while moving back away from the approaching camera. Participants from almost every group of an average American High School take part.

The school’s sporting teams, cheerleaders, drama club, et al, all take part. The single shot appears to have been done with the camera on a boom and it is impressive. Not only because of the single shot, but for the sheer energy and fun that the students exude.

We defy anyone to watch this “feel-good” video and not sit there with a big dopey grin on their face. These students, and staff, of Lakewood High School show how it’s done with their version of Katy Perry’s song Roar.

The video was directed and produced by student body president Courtney Coddington with the aid of fellow senior student Gavin Rudy, who is a fledgling filmmaker. Rudy helped Courtney edit the video and the two students said that they were shocked by the positive reaction to their school’s video.

Talking to ABC News, the two explained that the response has been “crazy.” They also told the news agency about recruiting for the video. They left a signup sheet online and in just two days they had 80 teams and clubs sign up to be in the lip dub video.

One reason that the school has done such a good job might be down to the fact that they’ve done all this before. Around two years ago, they did a video to another Katy Perry song, Firework. That video garnered over 100,000 views and a lot of praise.

Coddington and Rudy wanted to match that 2011 video so they decided to enter the Good Morning America lip dub contest. Katy Perry will choose the winner and the winning video will be broadcast live on GMA October 25, which is the singer’s birthday.

Lakewood High School in Colorado is not the only high school to make a lip dub video. But Lakewood students want to make a difference to their local area if they win the competition. They want to turn their winning concert into a fund raiser to help folks affected by the Colorado floods which struck as they were planning the video.

Ron Castagna, the Lakewood High School Principal, said that his student’s plan to use the video to “give back” to the community showed the real heart, spirit and drive of the student body. He explained that this was a real “we” effort. He was also quick to explain that these kids were not what the media presents today’s teenagers as being. He said his students want to make a difference and that they are a “great generation.”

We agree.

Katy Perry Roar, as lip dubbed by Lakewood High School. Showing us how it is done; with energy, enthusiasm and a feel good factor of 10 out of 10. We dare you to watch this video and not get carried away. Go ahead, it is down below for your viewing pleasure.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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