World’s Oceans Heading for Terrible Shake-up

Life under the sea

A new study that has been released by a group of scientists based at the University of Hawaii state that every single cubic inch of all the oceans in the world are going to undergo major changes at their core levels in the upcoming century. That is our entire world’s ocean area and everything that lives inside, changing their surroundings and overturning multifaceted systems all over the world. Climate change is the main cause, according to the scientists. They have a report which they have published in the journal PLOS Biology, of the approaching fluctuations to the oceans on a biochemical level.

The change in climate that has been caused by human activity might destroy social and biological systems, read the authors’ summary. Here they gathered biological, climate, and economic data to explain some of the events by which ocean chemical changes activated by continuing greenhouse gas emissions could continue through marine regions and organisms, eventually manipulating humans’ ways of life.

The results suggest that the entire world’s ocean surface will be concurrently impacted by varying amounts of ocean warming, acidification, depletion of oxygen, or productivity shortfalls.

Over the majority of the world’s oceans, seawater will continue to warm up, while the pH balance, which is the level of acidification in water, is vital to life all the way from microorganism all the way up to the biggest animals.

Terrible ocean changes are possibly coming that will lead to a shake-up of chain-reaction magnitudes such as plankton production will go down along with the oxygen levels in the oceans of the world. This is all due to climate changes happening now. That will then lead to a decrease in the progress and size of small ocean animal growth, and there will be an increase in the likelihood that these creatures will die early on. Understandably, a consequence on the bottom of the chain of food  will do damage all the way to the top, and then bigger creatures will have a much harder time finding any food.

These shifts in pH, oxygen levels, and temperature which are coming will affect shallow water area also. Environmental areas such as coral reefs are going to go through severe changes, mainly those located in the tropic areas.

As for the polar regions, they far from being exempt from the enormous changes coming to the world’s oceans, but the effects will be dissimilar. They are projected to have a rise in oxygen and production, leading to the prospect of intrusive species wandering to these cooler waters to be able to survive.

Predictably, the heating oceans will also cause misfortune for humans, with tourism and fishing hurt first. The study says that the poorest of the human population in undeveloped coastal countries will be the ones who suffer the most first of all. There will be over 470 to 870 million of the world’s most disadvantaged people who are dependent on the ocean for food, jobs, their very lives but everything will be compromised and compounded by the shake-ups of the oceans which are possibly coming.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble


USA Today


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