Dead Fetus Discovered in Shopping Bag During Routine Shoplifting Search

Fetus of Dead Baby Discovered in Shopping Bag During Shoplifting Search

The dead fetus of a one day old baby was found in a shopping bag during a routine shoplifting search.  The gruesome discovery was made at the popular lingerie store, Victoria’s Secret, at the shop’s West 34th and Broadway location at approximately 1:30 p.m. EST on Thursday.

Sources say that store security spotted two teen girls attempting to stash sexy lingerie under their clothing.  After observing the suspicious behavior for some time the guard contacted the NYPD and proceeded to detain the two young women.

After the police arrived and began arrest proceedings they made a horrifying discovery.  When officers attempted to remove the bag from one of the woman’s person he detected the whiff of a foul odor.  Upon searching the bag police discovered the fetus of a one day old dead baby laying in the bottom.

While the woman who was believed to be the baby’s mother was taken to nearby Bellevue Hospital for further examination her partner in crime was detained by the NYPD for further questioning.

The girl, identified as Tiona Rodriguez, told police officers that she thought she was about 6 months pregnant when she miscarried the fetus on Wednesday.  According to the police Rodriguez was, in fact, nearly full term.  Rodriguez, who is already the mother of a young boy, said that she didn’t know what she was supposed to do so she placed the baby in a shopping bag and proceeded to walk around with it.

On Wednesday Rodriguez took to her Facebook page to complain of cramps.  In another post she expressed excitement at a job interview at Chipotle Restaurant the next day.   There was nothing to lead anyone to believe that she was about to give birth.

Residents in Rodriguez’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn neighborhood are expressing shock and outrage at yesterday’s discovery.  Many claim that she is a really good girl and they cannot believe that she would do such a thing.  Those who have known Rodriguez since she was little are saying that she has never caused any problems before and that she would never hurt anyone.

Grisly discoveries such as this aren’t exactly new.  Back in 1997 a high school student from New Jersey gave birth to a baby boy at her senior prom in a bathroom stall, proceeded to throw its body in the garbage can, then returned to the banquet hall to dance with her boyfriend.  In 2011 a dead fetus was discovered in an airplane bathroom on a Etihad Airways flight that had recently landed in Manila, Philippines.  And back in June of this year several workers at a garbage recycling plant in LaPuenta, CA reportedly found a dead baby on a conveyor belt while sorting through trash.

Most routine shoplifting searches at Victoria’s Secret don’t end with the discovery of a dead fetus in a shopping bag, a fact that employees of the store are most certainly grateful.  The store was able to remain open for the remainder of the day.   Let’s hope they were able to get rid of the smell.

By: Mary Kay Love

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