Adam Levine: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Sexiest Man Alive

Adam Levine, lead singer and the face of pop rock band Maroon 5, has been named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine. The singer is 34 and is engaged to Victoria’s Secret Model, Behati Prinsloo. Even though he’s in the public eye often enough to make his “private” life practically common knowledge, here are 7 things you may not have known about this heartbreakingly handsome music superstar.


Adam Levine

1. If He Never Sees Kara’s Face Again, He Won’t Mind

When he was a teenager, he was in a rock band called Kara’s Flowers. However, the group’s first album, The Fourth World, suffered a miserable failure and they broke up. They later added a fifth member and became the successful Maroon 5. Turns out Kara and her flowers couldn’t be loved after all.


Adam Levine

2. If Only His Voice Could be a Stereo too

Growing up, Adam Levine wanted to have a thicker singing voice. He admitted on Conan that he had always seen himself as a more brooding singer like Eddie Vedder, but he just didn’t have the pipes for it. Instead, the singer got stuck with a voice more fit for “Teenage Dream” than “Green Disease.”

Good thing pitchy vocals don’t affect the “hot or not” scale.


Adam Levine

3. He Wants to Love Somebody…with Specific Qualifications

Correlation may not always equal causation, but in Addy’s case, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably only dates models. Looking at his dating history since 2003, it’s obvious that Adam Levine would rather take his orders from Victoria’s Secret than hang out at his local Starbucks. Let’s not forget that he’s due to marry a Vicky’s Secret model, soon. Sorry ladies, this guy’s probably not looking your way any time soon.


Adam Levine

 4. Songs About Jane

Maroon 5’s first studio-released Album was based on his ex-girlfriend, Jane. So, break up with Adam Levine, get a whole album in your honor. Break up with Joe from work, buy your own ice cream and rent “The Notebook” yourself. Sounds fair.

At least Addy keeps it classy when it’s over.


Adam Levine

5. Man in the Brentwood Boys’ Bathroom Mirror

Adam Levine to Brentwood School in Los Angeles. It’s the same school where actor Jonah Hill and director Fred Savage went, but Levine didn’t know them while he was still a student there. The singer met his fellow bandmates Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden. This is where Kara’s Flowers was born…and buried.


Adam Levine

6. Dropped a Restaurant in Los Angeles Because He Heard ’em Say…

Adam Levine reportedly backed out of hosting his band’s post-Grammys show at a restaurant he booked in 2012 because he found out that the owners supported Proposition 8–a proposition on the California ballot defining marriage as a union only between a man and a woman. Levine’s brother is openly gay, and he is vocally supportive of the LGBTQ community.


Adam Levine

 7. He Likes Yoga

There’s really no way of dressing that fact up. It is what it is. He’s a straight male who enjoys tight pants and pseudo-athletic stretching.

Sue him.

By: Hend Salah

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  1. Dina   November 22, 2013 at 4:08 pm

    He deserves the title because he is the epitome of a macho man.


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